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Default Re: Moon Landing Hoax?

Originally Posted by Neil M View Post
There is no external video footage of any of the Apollo lunar modules landing on the moon, the only footage available was taken using onboard cameras. There is plenty of footage of landers leaving the moon which is a different matter entirely!

The footage of Neil Armstrong descending the ladder was taken by a camera mounted externally on the lander itself. It's obviously pretty easy to fix this in a way that it includes the ladder / landing pad within it's field of view.
BRAVO! BRAVO! Great analysis! are missing a couple pointers to your argument (if that is what you are calling this at all). You see, if you take a good look at the "still" pictures, which I am sure you can find if you "google" Apollo 17, you will notice a few details, many have not disputed yet. One of being, that the shadow on Neil Armstrong's legs, as he is stepping down from the module is on the east side. If my calculation is correct, the sun was on the east side, which would have made it shadowy on the east side, right? So, if there were other forms of light, on the west side, it would have been from those huge lights movie producers would use in their movies. Which would only mean, there couldn't have been any lights (other than the sun reflecting on the moon's crater). You would have seen long wires connecting those huge lights to the module. But there are no evidence stating there were any wires, except for what the astronauts wore on their outfits; that were constructed from high impact thermoformed acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS).

The other being, the moon side they were on, was on the darkside of the moon. Which only means, there was absolutely no light at all. Except from the module. I don't believe that the module itself would reflect that much of a brighter light to visualize the activities the astronauts were "accomplishing".

I think, with all due to respect, you may want to do alittle more investigation before you "assume" that is what happened. It's no wonder why so many people are incredulous to people like you.
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