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Default Re: The end of oil is closer than you think ??? Think Again !!!

Okay, JIMBO!!

You have contradicted yourself.

You mentioned rolling black-outs and I agreed that we already had a test.

This in preparation for the time we run out of oil (a/k/a peak oil and/or peak oil scam)?

Bringing us back to the dark ages!!

So, the point of the scam is what? if there is no peak oil crisis? Creating more fear, anxiety in the masses. Scare tactics.

Keeping us guessing. Keeping us on the edge of our seats. Looking to them for the answer?


So, when there isn't a crisis and we've sucked everyone else dry and they tap into their resources, they're what? Our abusive controllers who have now given us hope? Provided a solution.

Or, supply and demand equals higher prices equals money in their pockets. Simple as that.

In Peace,
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