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Default Re: Michael Moore Ignores Rampant Vote Fraud

freeman wrote:
all along Bush had 3 PRIVATE companies
I lost respect for Michael Moore about two years ago, when I uncovered a post by a blogger on a liberal website. This individual was an aspiring young activist for the Democratic Party who described his awestruck experience at encountering several celebrity activists at a political rally, one of whom was Michael Moore.
According to the blogger, Moore was pleasant, charming, articulate until the young activist mentioned what he had already uncovered about the whole Diebold voting machine monopoly and scandal. All of sudden, Moore was flustered, made with the "deer caught in the headlights" look, quickly himhawed a response along the lines of,"Is that right? Well, we need to look into that..." Then, according to the narrative, Moore beat a hasty departure that wold belie a man of his considerable girth.
After reading that, I never really trusted MM anymore. Prior to that, I had actually considered him to be a gifted polemicist and spokesperson for the left.
Wish I could find that link...

This again proves Dr. Henry Makow correct.

ANYTHING major out of the system is made BY and

FOR the system.
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