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Default Re: Sheriff Mack, Riad Hamad, Alex Jones, Victor Thorn - Torture and Murder in Austin

So what the heck does Sheriff Mack have to say about it all..

Ok only some of the APD is baddies .. only some Sheriffs in the thirty three hundred United States counties are murderers, we are dealing with a good cop / bad cop scenario here, the good cops must find out exactly what happened to Mr Hamad, with a view to bringing to trial and justice, the original perpetrators, and the APD investigators who asserted his suicide, similarly on capital charges.

Those same investigators will find out whether Sheriff Mack had a role! The entrenched .. bash .. flog .. taser .. kill .. mentality, that pervades American law enforcement civil and military, is gonna be brought to heel, by ppl recruited by the US Justice Department, from schools and universities. With relevant training and knowledge of laws! Whose future careers will rely on website forums.

Whence they will be responsive to all and any complaints from the public. Thus the woman in Idaho who had chainsaws at the door, will post her description of the attack while she can, whence the Justice Department will assign such an investigator, who will report back on the same website, there after to be judged by the American public!

Including neglected John Kennedy assassination data, that inculpates Martin Luther & Coretta King, visible among shooters on the Grassy Knoll, Dallas Texas 22 November 1963.
– Guided Missile at the WTC

– Cruise Missile at the Pentagon on 911

Video of a cruise missile slamming into the Pentagon, and a guided missile en route to impact at the WTC no less .. anticipate a stupendous amount of just trials and legal executions in response!

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