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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

I'm still pissed, I didn't want to join the conversations in this forum until I had properly introduced myself, which I can't, because even after a full week and like 5 replies, I still am not allowed to make a new thread.

But did anyone else go to youtube and look up that full video? Not the 10 minute piece that was posted in this thread, but the full hour and 40 minutes of the whole thing? It's absolutely undeniable. They have moments where they seem to be piecing things together that are just not there, but that's the minority, the majority in this vid is undeniably weird...

You know I've always loved Michael Jackson and could not believe he was a child molester, it just doesn't fit the man I see, and if what these people are saying is true it makes perfect sense of how he became thought of that way. I find this amazingly fascinating, as I have always wanted to be in the music industry, however I will NEVER sell my soul to Satan for ANYTHING.

I know God very well, he is the most amazing person that ever existed and nothing compares to him. I will be an impoverished hated loser for the rest of my life, before I would denounce awesome God and join stupid Satan... but anyway, look the rest of that vid up on youtube, I think there's a lot of truth in it.

If anything it's making me rethink Islam, maybe muslims are NOT evil (I've had alot of reason to believe they were) maybe the violent muslims really are on the fringe of the religion... I don't know, I need to research... all I know is that my dreams of becoming famous are shot. If selling your soul to Satan is what is required to be famous, I'll stay unknown thank you...
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