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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Hi Bouncer,

Like you said, it doesn't matter who is what. For me, it only matters that "mind control" programs become public knowledge; coffee table talk and that our "corrupt" government get the hell out of the White House and every other branch of the military and government that they occupy.

In otherwords, REVOLUTION TIME!! It is time for the people to take back their country!!!

This country belongs to US and not just a group of wealthy, elitist, sadistic pigs!!

How much more do we need to know??? The Downing Street Memo, no WMD's, no connection to Al Qaeda, no imminent threat of danger, the stripping of our freedoms. Patriot Act, No Child Left-Behind, confiscating our home, etc., etc., etc.

Our men and women are dying not because they are fighting to keep us FREE. It is the complete oppositet. They are being used to help remove our freedoms. This is not the reason they JOINED the service. They have been betrayed and dishonored by our government. Those in power, as far as I'm concerned, have committed the most grievous of all acts. Using our men and women for their own purposes. Wounding and killing them in the process.

Our government LIED to us and they KNEW IT!!

"LIARS??" they are!! No doubt about it.

I think there's enough evidence for an IMPEACHMENT at the very least.

In Peace,
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