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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

I was really hoping to find alot of intelligence and civility on this forum... but that seems to not be the case... what causes people to fight like this? Why do you care what someone you don't know across the globe somewhere thinks enough to get pissed about it? Weird...

And as far as dinosaurs not being in the Bible, they most certainly are. The Bible talks about dragons that lived on the earth, and then there is the famous "leviathon" which is a water dwelling dinosaur.

And all Christians aren't jerks, but you can't believe everyone who calls themselves a christian. That word gets thrown around alot, and people think because they wear a cross and believe Jesus is sending them to heaven they are a Christian.

But a true Christian walks with God daily, and allows God to remove his iniquities, he is not proud, does not judge people (aka telling them they are going to hell) doesn't hoard up lots of things for himself, helps the poor and needy, and spreads light and love wherever he goes. If you see someone doing the opposite of that and calling themselves a Christian, you can be assured they are Christian in name only. True Christians are never a bother to anyone, we serve.
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