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Default Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised

Dude, I'm telling you this as a friend, and I'm incriminating myself in doing so, but I think you are in a dangerous place.

For 3 years of my life, I did nothing but smoke pot and read the Bible. It made it make so much sense to me, I would hear angels singing as I read, or the applause of Heaven. Then weird things started happening, I would have a friend over and I would suddenly become possessed by something that was not myself, and I would be witnessing and telling the person secrets about heaven or about themselves that I couldn't know.

Then this voice began telling me "you are him, you are the one, you are the Christ" And I would fight that thought for a full year, one day while I had a friend over I told him that that thought kept coming into my mind and I didn't know why, he said "have you asked God if it's true?" I was like "Of course not!! I would never DREAM of even HINTING I might be Jesus to God or anyone else!" And he said "Anything is possible, just ask him"

So I did, and I heard a trumpet blow in my spirit and saw in my minds eye a big sign flashing saying "He gets it! He finally gets it!" I then began walking through life believing I was Jesus. I have 5 disciples who believed me as well. We would have Bible studies, I would move gracefully as I spoke, it was as real as the light of day.

But suddenly little things began jumping out at me, like "I can't save the whole world.. I can't defeat the evil systems of this earth" And I began noticing that my disciples were not growing as people, and they were looking to me to give them answers I didn't have.

I finally one day thought it all over and realized I'd been deceived, I then began surrounding myself with truly spirit filled believers and people, and the closer I got to God (without marijuana) the more I realized how NOT Jesus I really was.

I don't believe anyone who God called to be Elijah, or John the Baptist, or anything like that would make such claims about themselves. If it were true, your words would simply impact us and we would know something was different about you by your demeanor, not your own admission.

And now you're saying people are telling you you are the Christ, and it doesn't sound like you're throwing that idea out the window like you should be. Well buddy, I've been there. I know what it's like to see heaven open up and to feel God's energy shoot through you, I know what it's like to have a kingly spirit rise up in you and give you the power to proclaim things you never could otherwise.

But I, nor you, nor anyone who would join a forum or post a video, is Jesus. The moment you begin thinking you are some important character in God's history, is the moment you open yourself up to deceit. The closer a man is to God, the less he thinks of himself.

And I've read 3 of your posts now, and you keep saying you're going to teach us things, but I've learned nothing, other than the fact that you believe masons are out to get you. Maybe they are, maybe they're not, but I can see you are not a stranger to believing delusions, so it would stand to reason that your Masonic enemies could be delusions as well...

I'm scared to think what would have happened if I had continued believing I was Jesus, who knows what kind of damage I could have done, I was on my way to being a cult leader and I didn't even know it. You may be in the same boat.

You keep claiming that you are hear to teach, maybe you should focus more on learning than teaching. I say this out of sincere concern for you, I can relate. I'm telling you now, you're not Jesus, you're not John the Baptist, you're not Elijah, you are you, and nothing more. Be careful what you think about yourself, you could wind up an enemy of Christ while trying to be his servant.
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