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Smile Good and evil are like the two hands of God

Good and evil are like the two hands of God

"It is a mistake to consider good and evil as two independent forces forever in conflict. The reality is that good and evil are two currents connected to a higher authority – God. The problem of good and evil will never be solved on the physical plane, for what brings these contrary forces together originates from above. At our own level, all we see is the clash between them. Our work, therefore, is to reach this higher authority, which knows how to make use of good and evil for a purpose even they have not been given to know.

Yes, good does not know everything, and neither does evil, of course. The One who does know everything is above good and evil. That One is the Lord. So, speak to him, and say, ‘Lord, you who have created so many things of beauty, vastness and profundity, you see me lost in their midst… With my limited intelligence, I am not able to see clearly. Send me your angels to tell me how to understand and how to act.’"

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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