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Default Re: The Antichrist Exposed! Danger Jesus Is The Antichrist!

You really think God is petty don't you. You think man's eternal salvation will be decided by what name they call God by? Like somehow being confused about the syllables you have to pronounce has any effect on who you are worshipping? You want some facts? Here's a FACT.

Jesus is God, God is love, Jesus is Love. If Jesus is love, (which the Bible you claim to love clearly says he is) then it would stand to reason that if you believe in love, you believe in God, and/or Jesus. He could care less if you get his name right, he is LOVE, and if you believe in LOVE you are believing in the right thing, period.

And how do you pick and choose like this? You say the Bible says not to worship idols, so you use that verse to show that worshipping Jesus is wrong. But the very same Bible you are using to make that point, is the very book that tells us that Jesus is God and is to be worshipped!! Is there any logic to that?

It is true no man comes to the father except through the sacrifice of Jesus, but God's not so petty as to require that man know the name of his savior, if you believe that love is the greatest thing there is and try to spread love as best you can, you are walking with God, know it or not. Man... you really make God out to be a jerk off..
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