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Default Re: Animated Cartoons: Entertainment or Highway to Hell?

I can't believe I sat through that whole Lion King/Obama video, I kept waiting for it to make some kind of relevant point, nope. I'm supposed to be scared that they used some of Obama's quotes in a Disney song?

Now I'm not saying there isn't some truth in what you're saying. If you've ever watched "All Dogs go to Heaven" it's a really messed up movie to be showing children. Alot of kids movies in the 80's were weird and shouldn't have been for kids. And Pee Wee Herman was a weird show geared towards kids (one of his favorite things to do is put mirrors on his shoes and look up girls' skirts... THAT is weird..)

But you're going to a major extreme here... I suppose you think Harry Potter is bad because it's about Witches too right? It's ok for kids to have an imagination, even a child can understand that Harry Potter is pretend, and if you need to have a talk with your kids about how Witchcraft is real and dangerous before letting them watch it, that may very well be a good idea.

But let's keep our wits intact about it, you can't go around blaming EVERYTHING on the devil and seeing demons in everything everywhere. Each day praying a prayer of Angelic protection over your house and family will suffice to protect you from such things, you're kids not gonna become demon possessed from watching Pokemon...

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