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Default Re: My profile from POF

ya know..i have found out that its best to fin a girl or boy depending on who you are..that is in to music..and can play music with you or sing..

I have a friend of mine who is my age in his early 40s..ok that is a man...he has never been married and doesnt keep girlfriends to long execpt for 2..which was me and another girl..What me and this other girl had in common was i sang,played guitar and this other girl was a singer...

its hard to keep a relationship with a man or woman if you are married to your the best thing to do is to look for some one that understands who you are with your music and can join with you and your music..

Then you have a great relationship with a great love that both love which is friend still wants to marry me till this day and we were together when we were young teens.....thats because we had no problem with playing our music cause we both had the same interest....
Love your flesh as you love your soul..
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