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Default Re: My profile from POF

now my husband and i have been together for 17 years...younger in the marriage we almost broke up cause my father wanted me in his band and wanted to go on hubby couldn't realate to that and cried the blues on in short i gave up my music for my later in life still married when he grew up and my self a bit i got back into my music and played gigs..with no problem with my hubby....but in the earlier relations ship with him my music caused alot of problems..i even taught him how to play some guitar to include him in my activates...while being in his activities....

But us as musicians have such a great passion for music that it still caused trouble in the mother divorced my father cause my father wouldn't get a real paying job,my mother would say..and my father just wanted to work and make money in music..however it was not enough to pay the bills...
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