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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by Neil M View Post
Mind control in the music industry? Nah, I think you give these people far too much credit, some videos and lyrics are designed to shock to appeal more to kids / teenagers. It also gets people talking about them, which is all good PR.

When it comes down to it you can read anything into anything if you're that way inclined.
You're not thinking about this logically, or you haven't watched all the evidence. There is a common theme in these videos and songs, they love the all seeing eye of horus, they love "Rain Man" and just all these things like that. If it was just for shock value, why the repetition? They'd be doing new things, trying different ways to shock, instead it's a steady continuous stream of the same images and ideas being suttley thrown in regardless of artist or genre.

I think about the chances that every artist who made it big has just naturally had an obsession with "rain man" or "the all seeing eye" to be illogical. Someone is pumping these messages into these artists songs and videos... And then there's the artists that talk about being controlled in their own songs, or DMX who speaks out against it, it's all just way too coincidental, come on man, smell the coffee, something IS going on, I'm just not sure what.
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