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Touche... haha... good point. But at the same time, I was watched for a year, and I said a lot of pretty intense stuff then, I basically proved that the Government doesn't realize there's a negative coercion in the U.S. Military- possibly that has a lot to do with 9/11, I wouldn't be surprised. But nothing ever happened to me... so it's kind of a joke to me now. I don't know, the whole killing people who know too much thing was a part of the "old ways" of that coercion, now-a-days they'd rather do nothing and work as hard as possible to make people look like fools, so I doubt they're even dead, they're just a bunch crazy people to me, getting carried away on their boat of "Conspiracy Theories." But you're right... it's a good thing I stopped doing that a long time ago. I'm Daniel Jacobs (Hyena) on facebook. I've directed my attention to other deep concepts now, I feel like I've defeated the conspiracy question already, it's old news to me. Steven Basset knows my input, it's an old topic.
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