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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

If there was no method to the madness and it was all kinds of different symbols and stuff I'd say it's just wacky out there artists and their funny interests in the occult. But it's themed... and it spreads across genre and artist, someone is putting these images in videos for a reason.

Now I question how much good they're doing, or if they are actually "controlling minds" now that I don't really think is happening. I don't see how some flashes of an image in a video is gonna turn a fan into a devil worshipper, or even in a lesser way just get them into the occult. I really don't think they can do much damage.

But the fact remains that someone is reiterating these same occult themes in almost all popular music at an alarming amount, so whether it's affective or not, they're trying.

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