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Originally Posted by djhyena View Post
Touche... haha... good point. But at the same time, I was watched for a year, and I said a lot of pretty intense stuff then, I basically proved that the Government doesn't realize there's a negative coercion in the U.S. Military- possibly that has a lot to do with 9/11, I wouldn't be surprised. But nothing ever happened to me... so it's kind of a joke to me now. I don't know, the whole killing people who know too much thing was a part of the "old ways" of that coercion, now-a-days they'd rather do nothing and work as hard as possible to make people look like fools, so I doubt they're even dead, they're just a bunch crazy people to me, getting carried away on their boat of "Conspiracy Theories." But you're right... it's a good thing I stopped doing that a long time ago. I'm Daniel Jacobs (Hyena) on facebook. I've directed my attention to other deep concepts now, I feel like I've defeated the conspiracy question already, it's old news to me. Steven Basset knows my input, it's an old topic.
Interesting, see I've never taken the time to talk to others about my theories. I've read all about the reptilian draconians and all the abduction reports and I just think to myself "how much effort would it take, to have all these different accounts spread up all over the globe, that all share the same themes and speak of these same creatures with most of the details lining up harmoniously?" And I just think there HAS to be SOME truth in it. Even if these people are completely wrong about what they are perceiving, it seems apparent that without knowing each other they are perceiving the same thing.

I've also read about the illuminati, being especially intrigued by a web site claiming that the Pharisees were part of the illuminati and Jesus threatened their influence so they killed him. But I've never actually talked to anyone about these beliefs, just had them secretly. So the idea of someone being "out to get me" was ridiculous.

I think that the powers that be may very well kill FAMOUS people who know too much and are having a big influence on society, but if you're just a dude who posts on forums and nobody believes you.... I really doubt they'd waste their time coming after you, sounds like delusions of grandeur to me...
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