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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

The Martin Luther King example is a very good one.

When one person becomes effective in uniting a group of individuals for a common purpose, whether to empower them, raise awareness, etc., well, then, like you said, BOOM!!

Anyone who causes a stir amongst the masses to "rise up" and see clearly will be silenced, neutralized and/or contained in one way or another.

Afterall, the power doesn't belong to the people as far as they're concerned. It belongs to them.

One shot to the back of the head and he'll be dead. Brains splattered all over the place for the world to witness as, of course, was JFK's case.

TRAUMATIZATION, FEAR, ANXIETY. The name of the game. Not to mention repetition as our President stated in one of his earlier addresses to the people. Spout the lies over and over again until people begin to parrot them and they are TRUTH!!

In Peace,

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