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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by symphonious View Post
Where do I even begin... Lady Gaga gives me worse chills than any other artist out there. I sense ZERO humanity in her, she seems completely souless, demonic, machine like, quite frankly I think her aura is terrifying. Not that I think she's out to get me or something, it's terrifying that a human can appear so demon-like in person, in her eyes, in her fashion.

And what good comes from calling people "little monsters" anyway? Doesn't that just perpetuate a negative connotation, making them feel good about being bad? And it's so unnerving that she has followers who see her as some kind of goddess or savior, what on earth causes such devotion?

If her music was provocative, ground breaking, compelling, then I would go "oh ok, it's the music" but her music is watered down, contrived, mindless, simple, and utterly void of any life or enchantment. It's just sappy electro pop, and she always sounds overly dramatic.

People will latch on to the weirdest things...
I saw Lady Gaga interviewed the other night on a music channel and it made me feel sorry for her. I didn't see the whole interview, only the end, and apparently she was teased at school. She described herself as the 'underdog' at school and on one occasion a group of boys got together and threw her in a trash bin and everyone laughed at her. When she described her family life and the things her family would do together she was in tears but I couldn't see what was making her cry. Now she is rich and famous (apparently) she chooses the rather less than glamorous method of getting around New York City, on a bicycle and apparently people love to wave to her as she cycles by.

Apparently Lady Gaga is a genuine hermaphrodite and she has practically admitted this in public. So it isn't really a wonder that she was teased at school.
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