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Default Re: Freemasonry and their doctrine of salvation through crime

Many Freemasons have stated that Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity. What the Freemason adept will not tell you however is that the Freemason manner of celebrating Christianity infers the sacrificing of good men. Chrest, from Greek means good man. Chrestians refers to good men. The early Church fathers, most notably Justin Martyr, referred to the early Christians as Chrestians. The Freemasons celebrate a Chrestianity on at least two levels. First, there are the good men that join the organization and take part in the visible, outer organization of Freemasonry. The few inquisitive initiates that have a curiosity towards the esoteric knowledge of Freemasonry find out that the Devil is the Lord of the World. The sacrifice then is the destruction of the innocence of a good man. The initiate, upon learning the Freemason doctrine of salvation through crime, either quits and is granted a dimit (timid spelled backwards in a condescending manner) or commits crimes in the name of the Freemason god (devil). The question is; how good is the man who commits crimes? This is the type of behavior that powers the occultic empire of Osiris-Dionysus. As many Freemason literary sources confer; once a Mason always a Mason. Those that quit may fear the resources of the Freemasons and like-minded individuals and do not act out against the corrupt system of the Freemasons. Then there are those good men who fight the Freemason apparatus? We are all aware of what befell Capt. Morgan when he went to publish the secrets of the Freemasons. However, the reporting of history is generally in the hands of the victors and to date the Freemason apparatus (occult empire) is virtually unchallenged. Christianity changed when it became authoritarian in the fourth century CE when embraced by the emperors Constantine and Theodosius. The Christian elite had their own esoteric knowledge that led them to commit crimes against humanity in the name of religion. Here was a commonality with the Freemasonry elite.
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