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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
You're right, her eyes are certainly doing some strange things throughout the interview. However I think it is probably more to do with her state of mind at the time rather than anything to do with possession. People who are on drugs can have eyes which go in different directions but someone in a dazed and confused state can have exactly the same thing.

Unless I was imagining it some strange things were said during the interview by both the interviewer and Gaga. Unless I misheard there was something about 'the planet goat' and 'a government hooker'?
Yes that was in there. And let me say as someone who has been very very much immersed in the drug culture, I have NEVER EVER seen anyone's body or eyes move like that because of drugs. I've seen people who could hardly keep their eyes open, I've seen people scratch and shake, and sweat, but no matter how tweaked a person was, it still appeared to be ONE person who was just heavily drugged.

I look at lady gaga, and it looks like she's trying to keep down something in her that is trying to bust out. Like she has these involuntary moments where something wild eyed and almost animal pokes up into her face and then you see her kind of shake it back down almost. That is the vibe I was getting from this, two spirits fighting for control of one body. And that is NOT even because I WANT this demon thing to be true or I'm trying to make it seem true, no I mean, just from my knowledge of what drugs do to peoples expression and eyes, that was unlike anything I've ever seen.

I know that you will all probably think I'm horrible for liking Bill O' Reilly, but put that aside for a minute, Bill O' Reilly will have these body language experts come on his show, and they examine the body language of people and tell you what their movements are saying and how their movements say different things than what they are verbally saying.

I would be soooo interested to see what one of those experts thought of this video. I swear, it's like a beast is trying to bust out through her face and she keeps having to shake it back down..... I really wasn't expecting that to be so weird... I thought I was gonna be like "oh you're blowing this out of proportion" No... that was legitimately frightening.

Like seriously, I'm going to develop a phobia of this woman, I'm going to start seeing her behind me in the mirror and having nightmares about her appearing out my window. She is the scariest person I have ever seen... EVER. Even people that I KNOW have done horrible evil like Charles Manson, I know he's evil, I know what he did, but I'm not gonna be having nightmares about his eyes. I may very well not sleep tonight because images of Gaga will haunt me... I don't even want to speculate, there is just something VERY VERY wrong with that woman...
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