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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
You're right, her eyes are certainly doing some strange things throughout the interview. However I think it is probably more to do with her state of mind at the time rather than anything to do with possession. People who are on drugs can have eyes which go in different directions but someone in a dazed and confused state can have exactly the same thing.

Unless I was imagining it some strange things were said during the interview by both the interviewer and Gaga. Unless I misheard there was something about 'the planet goat' and 'a government hooker'?
Trawling on Google I managed to ascertain that the Planet G.O.A.T. (Government Owned Alien Territory) is tied in with Gaga's 'Born This Way'.

On Facebook we are told the following:

Little Monsters, You Were Re-Born On This Planet, Planet G.O.A.T. The Race Within The Race Of Humanity, The Race Which Bears No Prejudice, But Boundless Freedom.
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