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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by love2 View Post
very good..didnt even think of that about goat..i thought of satan...nice very likely as well
very good about g.o.a.t...didnt think of you dont have to believe me ok..not a hoax but you can think that way ok..i live in west virgina and have been fighting for my life for 5 years..i have been abducted so i know the alien race as well..and I unfortunately have had spirits inside of me as well..not here around my home in the past not so much anymore ok..there would bee crows and a h ole lot of black before this happened to me ther were birds,finches ect...normal little neighborhood..not big at all...then when the evil rim showed up well,,,there were so many crows and black birds that they ran off the other birds..i went out side and rebuked the crows...

now i have fought the evil spirits and rim for so long that i really got to know them quite well and how they work...ooohh im perfectly well in the brain as i saw this video which if i can get ill show you ..on utube about all these crows traveling in Lancaster pa...well just before the video the evil rim left me...and i had no spiritual wind or anything execpt for some earthbound unclean spirits here ok..

well a few days later i saw the video of Lancaster pa..ill get it back..then ill continue my story..

oh about the other lady on the video i dont know much about her..

Love your flesh as you love your soul..
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