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Default Re: BOMBSHELL: US Caught Meddling in Russian Elections!

Originally Posted by SeC View Post
George Soros' Open Society Institute..

In the video, Alex Jones says George Soros was with the Nazis in Budapest, that he cataloged the possessions of Jews deported to Auschwitz .. Surely that resonates with the December 2006 murder of Katherine Schweitzer in Sydney Australia.

She went public on the television show Australian 60 Minutes, that the Jew who had arrested her Budapest family in 1944, and sent them to Auschwitz, whence only she survived out of fourteen, had moved onto her same street in Sydney.
Her body was discovered 28 December 2006, in a rubbish bin inside her high security Sydney apartment, four weeks after we had put her story onto the i'net .. there was a Jewish gathering in Sydney at the time, that attracted many international visitors, and many high profile Jews attended her funeral.

Getting in touch with Detective Inspector Oxford, at Eastern Suburbs Police in Sydney, on the evening of the same day her body was found, another policeman rang, and after we told him of the Holocaust, 60 Minutes, Jew connection he never got back to us!

At Coroner's proceedings in Sydney in 2010, after I contacted the court and told them I wanted to appear as a witness and being shoved aside .. the coroner blamed unidentified "immigrants" for her death, entirely neglecting the Holocaust deportation material, which is what we believe caused her to be murdered!

Soros will be required to answer questions re her original story .. they were both Hungarian Jews in Budapest .. did Soros know of her case .. and did he catalog her family's possessions .. does he know how she came to be deported .. and was he nearby when she was murdered!
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