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Default Re: Banned Again By ATS (Above Top Secret)

i registered for no other reason then to ask why the hell blueangel is such a prick and so damn hostile

ive tried browsing this site for info, but EVERY post ive opened, ive seen nothing but hostile and prick like remarks from blueangel

i came here because i heard ats had many issues
i wanted to find out what they were more specificaly and i was directed here, but in browsing through, i see the same garbage here with blueangels posts

perhaps ats has issues, but clearly so does every other site

im glad to see blue angel has been banned but for god sakes, from what ive seen, it shouldve happened long ago

what im seeing, (and this is being posted so everyone who comes across this can see the truth as i see it) what im seeing is that each and everyone of these sites are untrustable
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