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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Some of the points in that video were very valid, some of them were a stretch. Still, I keep coming to this conclusion, with all this weird crap, with her just being such a strange and eerie individual, so plainly visible, what are her fans like? I mean do they really watch these videos and just think she's trying to be artistic and cool? REALLY??? How could any person with a conscience not sense something really weird in all this?? I dunno, you still didn't answer my question about Madonna though, just proved that Lady Gaga and Madonna both have gaps in their teeth.

I know Madonna was vulgar for her time, and maybe she had to tone it down to get in the public eye, I just listen to her music and watch her videos and I don't sense the evil I sense in Gaga AT ALL... Madonna is erotic, sensual, and provocative, but satanic? I don't see it.
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