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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

I never saw here as part of the Illuminati what so ever my self..I do however find it strange that she comes back very quickly for the super bowl and the performance was very old times..but new times...Meaning the roman army the old with the white wings..the white wings are like when Jesus came rolling in to Jerusalem or Israel i think on a donkey and the people used its not corn stalks but some kind of leaf ....and with this performance you are basically seeing the same thing but with wings instead ..

Remember the roman army was against Jesus Christ and Christianity...also the way i know god the artist should not be wearing all black to worship God in the video i saw...she was almost pretending to be a least to me..The way she got on her knees and moved about with the choir there it looked very much santanic....God would not like it if i did that to worship him..

The eyes and the triangles in the performance as well is alien which is part of the Illuminati...funny how it says at the end world peace.....i find it hard now my self to believe it but i now really believe it to be true...Satan and the Illuminati needed her as well cause she is a well know promote the Illuminati....

Sorry to see that Madonna is now involved in 42 years of age and grew up with here as one of my past time favorite artist..this is a huge change for her...
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