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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Bouncer wrote:
Right, exactly. How many of us walk around in condition "White", dominated by alpha waves as a result of trance-inducing techniques? Television is probably one of the best. What if i told you that i have a device which will induce a light trance and implant words and images into your mind? Sound Orwellian? There is one quote from W which echoes in my mind: " . . . we are fighting evil." Really? Why not start with the trauma-based programs that you hope will provide a steady flow of sex and drug slaves? How about that evil, dude? Clean up your own house: that's what i say.
Well, Bouncer if you told me you had a device that was capable of inducing a light trance and implanting words and images into someone's mind, I'd say put that thing away and don't use it on me.

In fact, plan a seminar and introduce it. HA!!

In all seriousness, I wouldn't doubt that devices like that exist.

Like I've said, secret, silent and invisible weapons come in many shapes and forms. I believe they feel they had the masses cornered with the invention of television!!

I really can't listen to Bushspeak. I start hurling insults out loud at the television!!

It's the BLATANT lying that causes such anger in me. Hence, they are "LIARS??" and men without "SCRUPLES."

They are disconnected from reality because they don't live in reality. They don't know right from wrong. They only know how to attempt to say what they believe the SHEEPLE need to hear in order to keep them brainwashed. Under their spell, in a trance!!!

Read his speech. I think he ended it by saying something like, "join the military....keep America free....the most patriotic thing you can do!!

Like you said, dude, why don't you put your arse on the front lines. How 'bout the rest of those in government who have never served and whose children are exempt.


You only want to sacrifice the lives of our children in your wars and pornography rings!!

It's sad because the truth be told who knows how many children have suffered in their hands. How many have been killed. How many insitutionalized, how many with DIS-eases that they created, destitute, homeless, how many still sex slaves, prostitutes, etc.!!

In Peace,
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