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Smile Why is it so important to form spiritual communities?

"Why is it so important to form spiritual communities? I will give you an image: engineers build immense power stations capable of supplying energy to entire regions. Well, a spiritual group can be compared to a power station: it is able to provide the energy needed to project light far into space. For human minds are veritable batteries. They simply need to be united and put in contact with a divine idea; the currents they project will be received by vast numbers of other minds in the world, and these people will also decide to work for a divine idea.

You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity. It is time to become conscious of it and do this work, so that the light of the kingdom of God can be received by the greatest possible number of minds on earth."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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