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Smile This is how good finally triumphs

"Cosmic Intelligence has not given equal powers to good and evil. But how can we convince human beings of this, when most of them claim to see only the triumph of evil everywhere they turn? The fact is that they have not observed carefully. Consider someone whose life is characterised by dishonesty, spite and violence. Perhaps, at first, he succeeds: he asserts his independence and he achieves his ambitions. But then what happens? He will find more and more obstacles in his path; complications will arise in all areas of his life; and he will lose his peace of mind and even his health. Someone else decides to dedicate himself to the service of good: to begin with, of course, he encounters difficulties, but in spite of them he senses the support of the powers of light. As time goes on, the obstacles will disappear. People around him will begin to understand and appreciate him, and give him their support. This is how good finally triumphs."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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