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Smile Re: How to Approach the Study of the Cabbalah

"The Sephirotic Tree, the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, is an image of the universe in which God dwells and which He impregnates with His essence, a symbolic representation of the divine life that flows through the whole of creation. The Tree of Life is a system which can be of tremendous importance In helping us to avoid dispersing our spiritual activity. If you work with this Tree for years, if you study it and savour its fruits, you will be introducing the balance and harmony of Cosmic Life into your own lives."

"The Tree of Life is a symbolic figure which contains, in condensed form, the whole of initiatic science, the teachings of all Initiates. It can be compared to a grain or seed: plant it and from it will spring the portrait of creation with all created beings. This figure can become an extremely important pantacle, one of the most powerful instruments of magic that it is possible to have. It contains everything: all the principles, all the elements, all the factors with which the Lord created the world.

In the Tree of Life you have a system which can help you to avoid dispersing the efforts you devote to your spiritual work. If you work constantly with this figure for years, you will find that it brings order and balance to your life; everything within you will become structured, organized and harmonious. Every time you have a moment to spare, you can call to mind the Tree of Life and, by focusing on one sephira, concentrate on it and try to develop the qualities or energies which it contains. Whatever you stand most in need of, be it light, or love, stength, protection, generosity, justice, or life, look for it in the Tree of Life: it is there for us, for the sons and daughters of God who need to be nourished by divine life."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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