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Default Re: The WWII Germany example

An understanding of the rise of Nazi Germany, who financed it and the methods used to march the German people into Dictatorship and utterly debased criminal behaviour against fellow human beings is the lesson par excellance directly applicable to unfolding events.

There was NO holocaust against the Jewish people in Europe...murder, intimidation and scapegoating leading to the deaths of 500,000-1.5 million, mostly from starvation and disease (typhus) there most certainly was. The Poles copt it much worse and the Einzatsgruppen in the East were positively barbarian at times...beyond simple murder. Whatever your view...Hitler was a murderer. So was Stalin. So was Churchill. So was ALL of Bomber Command and people like Robert McNamara who was a part of the State mechanism which firebombed over half of Japans cities to cinders with millions of women and children buried under the ashes.

If we must have a "holocaust"...The holocaust happened to the 27 million dead Russians from Hitler and the other 40-50 million from Stalin. All thanks to the banking and financial Elite of Europe and the U.K.

WW2 was simply a holocaust and a direct lesson on the surface, of what happens when the State apparatus falls into the hands of an Elite few combined with a population who wish to remain ignorent and safe in the Garden of Eden where a loving Father will think for them and tell them right from wrong.

If we probe a little deeper we find that the Elite few are not Hitler, Stalin and their various hangers on but the Financial and Business Elite who provided the funding and technical apparatus to propel these front men to the top and unleashed a holocaust on the people of Europe and central Asia.

The EXACT same dynamics are unfolding today. This time however, the technological means are available to TOTALLY enslave humanity...permenantly.

Understand the financing of Hitler and Stalin and you have a blueprint for today.

Read Anthony Sutton with regards the financing and technological transfers to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Get a hold of Bill Stills "The Money Masters" doco.

Bill Stills excellent, well referenced work...NWO-Ancient Plan Of Secret Societies.

There are hundreds more.
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