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Default Re: The Ultimate Guide to The Global Nightmare

Well, I have seen many videos and still camera films from various resource. Including a friend of mine, who somehow caught it on his iphone. He only caught the end-tail of when the planes crashed into the towers. But he noticed something quite strange after playing the video from his iphone over and over. He noticed something underneath the plane just before it hit the Tower One. He isn't really sure what it is, since it is faded and blurry. But he thinks it was some missile or foreign object attached underneath near the two engines. He also noticed that the plane had no windows. Hmmm...kind of odd for a plane, especially being a Boeing 747, not to have any windows.

As for the government being involved. It was staged 5 years before the actual threat was made. Remember when the World Trade Center was struck in mid 1990's? That was just a warning for what to come.
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