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I'm sure we are aware by now that GITMO is a concentration camp.

Marked by a razor-wired fence, Camp Delta 2 and 3 at Guantanamo Bay are maximum-security facilities, housing the most noncompliant detainess.


Okay, how are they "noncompliant?"

Do they not like to be tortured? With or without evidence, torture is not humane!!!

We know the levels of programming in mind control and that DELTA can be used to program assassins.

THIS IS MY FEAR! Creating assassins, (terrorists), sleepers, etc.

If you can locate the different levels, such as BETA, which is sex slave programming, please either post here or on the Mind Control thread.

I found the following, but couldn't locate a complete set. Besides, I'm pressed for time.


Delta: this is one of the more cognitive brain wave states, and will often be highly dissociated. It may also be the "ruling" or controlling state over the other brain wave systems. Often, delta state may be configured inside as a computer, and the delta alters will have emotionless, flat alters with photographic memories. They may hold most of the cognitive memories for the other systems, especially if extensive amnesia programming has been done. Delta state may have up to three levels of training: delta 1, delta 2, and delta 3 which will also correlate to security access allowed within the cult; i.e. access to highly confidential information. Behavioral sciences programming may be held by this system. Internal programmers, self destruct, psychotic, and shatter programming as well as other punishment programming sequences to prevent outside access or internal access to the systems may be held within delta systems. It may be color coded both orange/blue/purple, and will also often be the entry way to higher systems such as jewels or internal councils, inside.
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