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Default Re: The WWII Germany example

I think the author's article is an excellent piece, if true, and draws a fine comparison between Hitler and the current criminals within our government/military and the path of destruction for all of mankind which they have embarked upon for decades!!

The blind have followed blindly like sheep behind them, but not of our own doing. A massive campaign of deceit and destruction has been waged upon us from again, "cradle to grave."

Certainly, the BEASTS must present themselves to the public as honest, trustworthy, GOD-fearing Christains.

Afterall, a criminal doesn't, in most cases, speak of his crimes and allow others to see his dark side and risk incarceration.

On another note, I asked, "why do they want to exterminate their own kind?"

Uproot them, put them all in one location. Seize their property, belongings, wealth and transfer it to Swiss bank accounts.

Less desireables?

Or, perhaps, just population control. Too many of them.

We just had a Supreme Court ruling which makes way for land developers to seize our property for their own interests.

"UPROOTING, displacement. We are no longer safe in our own homes.

In Peace,
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