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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

GLP are likewise also owned.

I used to watch the odd article linked off a scrolling news list site.

So one day I thought what the heck I'll register and keep an eye on their forums which i did for maybe 6 weeks or so.

One day I thought I'd make a one line humorous post on a thread "what would you say to an alien visitor to earth.

My response was "I would say, take me to your leaders - ours are all assholes".

For that i was banned on my first post - the excuse was that i was stalking the website?

I noticed that Newsblock stopped carrying their forums topics as articles links on their website - obviously I wasn't the first who followed links there form the news list site and was treated badly.

GLP seemed to intimate that if I PAID a subscription - that my banning might be overlooked / reversed...?

One free post and they ban you and ask for money?

The forums not THAT bloody interesting! Screw them and ATS.

ATS and GLP would have to be 2 of the very WORST forums on the internet. When I posted REAL "top secret data" at ATS I was likewise banned forthwith.

You have to learn to be discerning on the internet.

If it smells like a duck and quacks like a duck - the odds are it is a duck.

The question thus is - if they are such poor forums (and they undoubtedly are) why is this forum so poorly supported?

The spammers are enough to drive people away...better moderation would go a long way to making this place more user friendly, I get tired of checking in to see few if any new posts, no reply's to my own posts and only sales of illegal drugs etc offered on every page within the site by the same spammer.

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