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Default Re: The WWII Germany example

Mr. Makow's article has brought tears to my eyes, not only because he included links that reference the satanic cult who has most of our country under their "mind control" SPELL, but because he has also included links to the stories of individuals who have been used by these perverted pedophiles; these men without scruples as slaves for prostitution, sex rings, pornography and for various other criminal activities.

However, most important was his reference to the "cabal's" goal in gaining complete control and submission over all of us through the use of indirect mind control techniques which have been perpetrated upon the masses for decades.

Mind control, whether applied directly while incarcerated in one of their programs or through the use of secret, silent and invisible weapons is one of the most grievous acts committed upon not only the American people, but all of mankind, by those in our country who were elected to protect us and do not.

Certainly, had the citizen's of Iraq surrendered to the "unjust" invasion of their country by those corrupt leaders in Washington, the advancement of the NWO and their penetration into Syria, Iran and Lebanon would have been on schedule. This, the reason, they cannot PULL OUT! This, the reason, the suicide bombings and casualties are accelerating. This, the reason, they have said it is a terrorist training ground. This, the reason, they have said Al Qaeda is responsible for the most recent attack on a convoy of Marines.

Creating ORDER out of CHAOS!!

The people of this country are subdued. They continue about their business afraid to speak out. They have been conditioned not to question, but to TRUST!! They have been misled through decades of deceipt, deception and distortion so that the criminals in control of America can continue on their path of destruction. Protecting themselves and stripping us of our freedoms so that we will not have recourse against them.

Our government continues to kill and wound more and more innocent men, women and children on a daily basis. They have no regard for human life!! This is quite obvious if one chooses to open their eyes to the truth and realize that the American people and the world have been lied to from cradle to grave.

It is time to rewrite history with the FACTS about those who masquerade as American patriots in positions of power but have no allegiance to anyone or any country, America included, other than those who belong to their CULT!! They have used our symbols of FREEDOM to their advantage and our disadvantage!! Their goal is to silence all of us against them and to lead America into a Third World Country.

Unleashing viruses, rolling black-outs already tested, threat of more terrorist attacks. These, their typical SCARE TACTICS upon the public, which subconsciously causes a transference of power to the corrupt leaders as the citizen's in a state of FEAR look to them for protection. Faith and trust has been placed in the criminals who control all of U.S. through mind manipulation using their weapons of choice; publishing, media, and "covert" tactics.

They have used their "military industrial complex," the men and women who joined the armed services to fight to keep America free as THIER killing machines. They have betrayed not only our country and the world, but those who have given of their lives for a war that was based on LIES!!! America was not in imminent danger of an attack!! This has been proven!!!

It is time for us to know the correct number of those killed in action and those who have been wounded. It is time that the American people SEE with their own eyes the men and women who have lost limbs, eyes and are paralyzed due to the actions of the REAL terrorists and "war criminals" who occupy some of the highest levels of government and military positions within our country. Those who have killed and wounded thousands of Iraqi citizen's without "just" cause and are killing our military men and women as well as those allies who were forced to participate in this war.

They are fighting and dying in Iraq for the power mongers who have never served in any branch of the military and whose children are most times exempt!!

Martial Law is the only way that our President can protect himself from prosecution!!

In Peace,

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