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Default Re: The WWII Germany example

I found that to be a very "enlightening" article.

The writer states explicitly that he is not saying George W. Bush is Hitler and that is a very good point to make because when comparing this current administration to the Nazi party and/or Hitler, people who oppose this view, often times gasp in disbelief. Another Hitler!!! Of course not!!

They are correct. There could never be another Hitler, but that isn't what causes the gasp. It's the fact that most Americans cannot conceive that our government is evil. Only other countries have "brutal dictators."

True history has been hidden from all of us and, I assume that what I just read is not public knowledge. Certainly, it is not in our public school's history books. So, I believe the article allows an excellent analogy to be made between the Nazi Party, Hitler and our current administration. The similarities are staring one right in the face. So, whether or not you believe our government is of the Nazi Party, Fascist Party, Totalitarian, it doesn't matter. They are following in Hitler's footsteps. The article defines that.

We see that!! Freedoms being stripped, search and seizure, property taken, etc., etc., etc.

We have been born into a society that suppresses truth so our reality has been created for us by them, again, from cradle to grave and it is not reality at all.

Everything we thought we knew we don't. Every citizen in this country must re-learn what they thought was right, but that which is wrong!!

And, that's up to the intellectuals and researchers who have been investigating this "cabal" for decades.

Our brains have been scrambled and it is difficult to assimilate and replace fiction with fact. One does not realize when they have been brainwashed. It occurs over time. Not in one session. Again, from cradle to grave is their motto!!! Keep the masses in a dream-like state from cradle to grave!! False hopes and promises!!

I know that someone in my past etched a swastika on my chest and said, "there, you're one of us now." You can't see it very well unless you have the correct lighting. Blacklight, flourescent. Could have been one of the grotesque so-called Nazi/German rocket scientists as they were touted to the public.

I never noticed the etchings on my skin until I awoke out of this "deep sleep" and started discovering my body almost like it was for the first time!! I was being directed to various parts of my body and realizing that I had been "branded," marked for life, carved. To say the least, I was shocked. How? How could this be and that I didn't know these markings existed until 46 years later??

Anyway, the words, "they're all a bunch of Nazi's" repeats from the past. I do believe our
"corrupt" leaders have modeled THEIR government much the same as Hitler.

I didn't learn the history that everyone else in school was studying. I was told the truth by someone, by them, overhearing, not sure, and I'm still trying to decipher it all.

Knowing they were "evil" as a small child was quite frightening. I knew what other children didn't know. I knew what other adults didn't know. It was hard to swallow and live with.

I do know that they desire a "fascist" state. A Totalitarian government. A "One World Order" and that the demolition of the TOWERS were planned decades ago and, thus, the acceleration of stripping us of our rights through the Patriot Act. When our country was acting in a time of crisis, Congress signed without reading.

Habeas Corpus rings a bell.

The people will be left without due process!!

Certainly, doesn't appear that the Supreme Court wants to protect us either!!

Perhaps, slowly our society, our world can evolve into the one that we all imagine!!

In Peace,

In a time of great crisis, the people must not surrender or retreat, but come together in peace for the good of all mankind.

P. S. The board is yours!! Back to the ironing I never started yesterday!!
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