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Default Re: Big Foot is he real?

I was skeptical,but open minded,until I saw a glimpse of one at the end of Environmental Lab Rd. near Ft.Ogden.The version we have in Florida are called skunk apes.They are smaller than their northern cousins.I had a very,very,loud truck and as I crossed the swamp me and my partner looked at each other and I said"did you hear that"?He said surprised"yeah I did!I stopped and we both ran back just to see a glimpse of black fur disappearing behind a large cypress tree.I knew it was not a bear because of the way it walked through the deep water on two legs.After hiding behind the tree it just stayed there,while we waited for 20 minutes.The birds were going nuts and making a godawfull racket.In this neck of the woods people are constantly armed and I think it was probably shot at before and was afraid of us.If you google earth the area it has a shrinking habitat and is surrounded by farms,fields and houses.I feel sorry for them.I used to make fun of my friends who have claimed to see them.I don't anymore.
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