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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

BlueAngel, i just meant the television, that's all! i guess that i didn't connect the two thoughts very well. A quick survey of entrainment frequencies will give evidence that the 60Hertz flicker of the TV screen is a major contributor to the trance of which i spoke. Two questions: 1) does the public have access to exploitation reports by the government regarding emerging technologies; 2) Does anyone know the significance of the "Tap, tap" signal? I've seen it done by others, and iv'e heard it on the sound tracks of various movies that i have on DVD. I think that it is a kind of trigger but i'm having trouble correlating it to a desired result. As for hurling insults at the tube, hey, that's what i do! Anything to keep your right brain active can't be bad!
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