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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Very well, then, you may keep your television, but don't watch with much FREQUENCY!!

I thought maybe you were in possession of something else!! as you were so hush, hush, secret about it!!

A television in every household. So, this could be considered a "lethal" weapon, perhaps, since it reaches billions of people and is their secret mind control tool of choice.

How else to reach, manipulate and control the masses regarding so many aspects of our lives? To condition us to accept, believe, act, perform as they desire. TO BE THEIR LITTLE PUPPETS!!!

Whether repetition, disinformation, sound waves, etc., we are all subjected and cannot escape this weapon since television is most everyone's choice for news information, entertainment and can be addicting.

Could be the reason I stopped listening to music long ago, didn't care much for watching television and seeing movies on the big screen. To many messages!! I'm sure they reach their mind control victims/subjects this way as well as through publishing.

I heard that traumatic events in movies, etc., cause changes in heartbeats and provoke other symptoms. Repetition of this type of viewing for many years could proudce changes in one's physiology.

What's the tap, tap reference. Sounds familiar. Hear that tap, tap!!!

In Peace,
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