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Default Re: Repealing the 22nd Amendment under the Radar!!

Well, they'd have another amendment to repeal if they decide to run Arnold.

Oh, but come on, will the SHEEPLE vote for another actor, The Terminator, someone who somehow made his way into the California governor's chair, (just as they wanted) perhaps, in time for them to PLACE another ONE of their own in the White House after they've finished grooming him for the job.

They'll use Maria as a Kennedy; although they killed JFK and she'll, what, go right along with it?

Wasn't Arnold accused of groping women? Whatever!!!

If Arnold is elected, well, it won't be because he's elected. It will be another fixed election. Business as usual.

Funny, Bush talked in his speech about Iraq's free elections.

I wondered to myself, FREE elections!!!

Since when!!

Not even in America.

However, if the pressure continues on Bush, I wouldn't be surprised if the amendment is brought to the Senate in a desperate attempt to allow him to run again.

Otherwise, what's the point? He needs four more years to implement the "fascist" government so that we lose all of our freedoms, rights and he and his posse' are then protected from prosectution.

I'm telling you. The only reason we are not under Martial Law yet is because the American people are slowing WAKING UP and another terrrorist attack, in my opinion, will not FLY!!

They are seeking an alternative!!

In Peace,
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