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Default Re: First Nuclear FUSION Reactor To Be Built In France.

Taken from the context of TB's post!!

This is telling.

but first...the lock down.

knock your socks off

NO dead bodies, at first.

with open arms.

see, you are somebody after all.

till the cows come home


you're a little bird in a golden cage.

coz now YOU are really desperate.

they're in on it.

What are you Yanks going to do with your silly Constitution and Bill of Rights? Eat it? Wipe your arse with it?

a recipe for disaster.

rewriting their constitution

A point in the plan has been reached and a new stage is about to unfold.

I dont buy it.

They are about to unfurl the goodies.

Resist? We will plunge you back to the dark ages.

I have a third choice. Resist, hang them from the neck until dead, then continue on with our bright future under the guidence of a Supernatural God.

There are some false choices about to be offered and some juicy carrots. Like the Iraqi resistence, we are being offered something...because THEY are losing.

This is our chance to "Strike The Proverbial Root". If we let them win - partially win - or back off to fight another day we lose. Nothing less than total exposure of the Elite Banking and Financial system will do. Let the words "Bankers run the world and they suck!" be on the lips of every peasant that walks the Earth.

The hangings can follow shortly there after.

As they squeeze they constellate resistence. Those that laugh at you now begin to wake up. They are in a Catch 22 situation...hence the goodies...and perhaps some backsliding. Dont fall for it.

Root them out from EVERY nook and cranny. DO NOT go back to sleep.

With due respect for the many dead from 9-11 and ALL the Banker Scams before...i thank God for 9-11...because of it they rise from their trenches and bunkers and we have them in our sights. Like cockroaches running for cover when the kitchen light comes what comes natuarally....treat them like the inhuman/manipulating scum they are.

If we dont use this oppurtunity now they'll back off and try again. They've been waitng a couple hundred years at least so they'll be back get cracking.

Do not make the mistake of the useless Left of the late 60's and 70's.

In Peace,
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