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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

At the risk of being the lone dissenting voice, I have to question the tactics of so-called "Christian activists" who participate in demonstrations like this.
What is really being accomplished here, other than strengthening the gay rights movement by making Christians appear intolerant, insensitive and homophobic?
Once again, I sniff the faint but noxious odor of the Hegelian dialectic at work again to undermine traditional values by creating confrontation, i. e., synthesis and antithesis.
What makes me think that if you dig deeply enough into the finances of organizations like the "Pink Angels", you will find the same global elitists (Rockefellers, Ford Foundation, etc.) bankrolling their agenda, for the reason I just gave (Hegelian dialectic), just as they also finance the gay rights movement.
I have yet to discern the passage of scripture where Jesus said it was okay to go around gay-bashing or engaging in negative, nonproductive confrontations with the forces of secular humanism. Everytime the Pharisees tried to trap him into such conflicts, he always slyly evaded their connivances (e.g., refusing to stone the adulterous woman, John 8; "Render unto Ceasar" in response to paying taxes; etc.).
I think we should be careful not to cross the line between witnessing our faith and exposing the truth as opposed to lowering ourselves to the same contentious, hatemongering tactics as the forces of Satan.
Just my $.02.
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