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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade

Wait right there sir.

I think you may be a bit more effected and taken in by the double-speak of these parties than you KNOW.

You say:

"I have to question the tactics of so-called "Christian activists" who participate in demonstrations like this.
For the record, I am a Christian for 17 years. The negative thing those Christians "appear" to be, to you, may be entirely different from who we ARE. This is especially so if this perception is a bad one labeling the hearts and minds of Christian men, and making broad negative presumptions & assumptions about their characters.

"HomoPHOBIC" is a word used quite FREQUENTLY by the gays and gay supporters and their activists to set ANYONE questioning them and their activities at a screeching HALT. Part of the process is done so those being called such things may be sitting there STUCK, as it were, QUESTIONING THEMSELVES. The mere suggestion that one can be "phobic" about gays and homosexulaity is used as a tactic to 1.LABEL those opposing it 2.Make them question themselves and their own MOTIVES. (*The reality is there is NOTHING "PHOBIC" about OPPOSING or disagreeing with a VIEW or BELIEF. It is simply not-agreeing).

Other words used by these folks INCLUDE: "intolerant" "insensitive" all the words you used above. YET it is in fact THEY who are EXTREMELY INTOLERANT of Christians. They CONSTANTLY promote THEIR "hate" ideology of Christians in the media and in tv shows AND the news outlets as well..I am surprised from the few comments I've seen of yours here that you would make such an error ..about Christians and about the gays and the agenda surrounding them.

The MOMENT we start questioning OURSELVES, rather than firmly dealing with such people and issues with the truth in love, is the moment we entertain what they say. I mean this in this sense. We should surely guard our hearts to be kind and loving to people and be forgiving and not harbor hate, (real hate not the "Hate crimes" "hate" the gays use, which is just from Satan's dictionary and is not "hate" at ALL), but SHARING the TRUTH with those who DO NOT WANT TO HEAR, like the militant GAYS, Ted Kennedy's crowd etc.etc.

"hate" is another word they lob about that is quite misused. They also use words like "choice" and "freedom", "diversity" and "judgemental" in wrong and inappropriate contexts, usually to STOP a Christian from speaking GOD'S WORD. You want to do a quick word juxtaposition? How about this: GODS WORD
GOD SWORD. " the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God ..." Ephesians 6:17

You best be fair to the Christians. WE are the ones LIKELY to be the MAIN ones taking the holy brunt of all this fall out. Why? Because it is at the very CORE of our lives to serve God and others with the TRUTH in love. Part of this Truth is simply, the Word of God. If you are not on the side of the Christians, and maybe the only other group I can think of, the very Orthodox Jews, as both adhere to the Holy Bible, (the real one), you may be on perilous ground in terms of whose side you're (really) on.

Stakes like this require personal spiritual decisions. That's my humble opinion. I don't feel many who are not truly seeking the true God, of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, are going to get the "full monty" when it comes to insights and perspectives about these things. ONE reason is that the Lord Jesus has called us out of this world to be set apart. WE receive SEVERE chastening by men for this. We are labeled, daily, "fundamentalists"seperatists""intolerant" on and on. Well we AREN'T. We can simply DISTINGUISH between RIGHT AND WRONG, and this carries over into how folks are to be treated or not, etc.

Especially if you are considered a leader here, I ask you to deeply consider the gravity and influence of your role.

Your comment at the end of your quote I also find a concern and troublesome to me. You must be prepared to stick by the mindsets of those who you agree with, and this may mean a personal quest in faith yourself.

To misjudge men for doing a thing few may have the COURAGE to DO, in such times, causes me to wonder about the perspective of this group and some of the mindsets here.

Sad to see some erroneous stereotypes and prejudices against we Christians run more deeply than I would've thought in a place like this..
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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