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Originally Posted by 55132 View Post
conspiracy gas bags?
Not peddling books would be a good start. Please read my choice words on the conspiracy industry---

Since last post, the public break up of two homosexual lovers got even more interesting for a while.

As to Makow's character:--
10 years ago Rense was just as much a scumbag as he is today, but back then Makow didn't care
5 years ago Rense was no better than today, but Makow didn't care, in fact he rushed to Rense's defence when someone had the audacity to tell some truth about Rense
suddenly, in 2011, Rense is the lowest of the low; what changed ? certainly not Rense's character

As i asked 4 years ago, whence Makow's sudden interest in the subject ? In the '70s, '80s, '90s when there was no prospect of easy sale, he cared not for this conspiracy

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