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Default Re: The Movie

DarkChilde3D The admin, the moderators.. aren't involved in the project.. It is just us and the people who want to help..

I think the idea is to get as many people's input, and involvement into the project as possible.
I think the forum user names could be used in the script.. and if the user helped write his own script, I doubt they would complain.

It is possible that the script could be self organizing.. where each contribution by us posters might be shuffled into a storyline.

By calling the project If the project succeeds tens of thousands of new lurkers and posters would gravitate to the site.

madkhao.. Has suggested the Houston script

nohope187.. What kind of a storyline would you support?

MaryX.. If you had a storyline what would it be like?

lynns_shadow.. What ideas do you have for a script that would involve a conspiracy news group?
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