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Smile Why a One World Government makes perfect sense - The Concept of a Pan-World II

Why a One World Government makes perfect sense - The Concept of a Pan-World II

Mankind is like a body in which each country is an organ made up of living, working cells. But the organs of mankind are not animated by the same intelligence, the same disinterestedness (disinterestedness meaning altruism, the absence of bias motivated by personal interest or advantage, is a key word in OMA philosophy) as the organs of our physical bodies, because each country works for its own interests to the detriment of its neighbour. The way in which the human body functions was decreed by a sublime intelligence, whereas the functioning of human society is the work of human intelligence, and this is why things do not work; the body of mankind is ill and in danger of death. This is why we should study the structure of human beings and take it as a model. We must know how nature designed them, how they function, what is good for their health and what makes them ill; and then we must understand that all the same rules apply to mankind as a whole.

When your brain and your heart are in good condition, even your feet feel well; you can feel that your feet, and even your toes, rejoice. And then if your feet are cold, your nose starts sneezing; it is your feet that are cold but the nose that sneezes. Do I need to give you any more examples? When one organ is well, all the other organs feel it and rejoice; and when one organ is in distress, all the other organs fell the same distress. Only human beings rejoice when another country is in distress, because human beings are bad cells, bad organs.

Why have politicians, economists, and philosophers never taken the human organism as a basis for their studies? The human organism embraces everything: you can study it for thousands of years without coming to the end of the immensity it contains. As I have told you time and again, our physical body is a summary of the entire universe.

One of the first things one sees when studying the human body is that when the organs fail to work together disinterestedly for the good of the whole, all kinds of deficiencies and diseases appear. Just as human beings try to grab everything for themselves and give nothing to others, there are cells in our bodies that are unwilling to collaborate and work for others. These are the anarchic, egoistical cells that keep all the food and energy for themselves and produce tumours and cancerous growths. And who teaches a man's cells to behave like that? He does. His cells are simply following the example of their master; it is he who introduces the disorder in his cells by setting them a bad example.

Cosmic Intelligence has decreed that all our organs - the stomach, heart, lungs, and so on - must work unselfishly together for the good of the whole being. How can men fail to see that it is thanks to this unselfish attitude, this selfabnegation and spirit of sacrifice, that they are alive and healthy? It is because disinterestedness is thousands of times more beneficial to us than egoism that the initiates attach so much importance to these qualities. We may think that we are gaining something by being selfish, but in fact we are sowing the seeds of disease in ourselves. Human beings are always looking for a chance to take advantage of their neighbour - in fact they pride themselves on this attitude. For my part, I read what the human organism tells me and I foresee that those who behave like this will perish, for they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. You will say, 'That is all very well, but you cannot survive in this world with a spirit of selfabnegation and sacrifice. You will die.' On the contrary, it is this selfless attitude that plants within you the seed of health, harmony, resurrection and eternal life.

The trouble is that human beings have sunk so low that they can no longer see what is staring them in the face. If they were willing to study the laws of nature they would reach the same conclusions. Believe me, these laws exist, and it is high time you knew and respected them. It is also because of these laws that we work without payment. I have been working for an idea for years without payment. Occasionally, if some money falls into my lap I will accept it (usually, but not always), but I have never asked or demanded to be paid. Human beings do not know how to work for nothing; they always want to be paid. This is why they are ill and unhappy, because they have swallowed the germ that disrupts and destroys their cells. You will object, 'But it is not possible to work for nothing; we have our families and our children to look after.' Of course, I understand, but I have solved the problem for myself. Just think of how much a doctor asks for a consultation that takes five minutes. My advice is far more useful than that of any doctor, and yet I never take any money. I would be a multimillionaire by now if I did.

You too must learn to work without payment. When all those for whom you have worked so generously see how radiant and luminous you have become because of your idealism and your disinterestedness, they will not leave you in poverty; they will give you more than you would ever have asked for. Not all at once, perhaps, but in time they will come to recognize your good qualities, and even those who begin by exploiting and taking advantage of you will end by regretting it and paying you a dept of gratitude.

Knowing how greedy and unjust human beings are, disciples are aware in advance that, however hard they work and however devoted and unselfish they are, none of it will ever be properly appreciated. And this means that they expect no reward from their own kind. They know that their only reward will come from heaven - and the rewards we receive from heaven are far more precious than money. What is money, after all? It cannot give you happiness, peace, or light. But if you work for a divine idea, your name will be recorded in heaven; and unlike human beings, heaven will never let you down. It will send you all its most precious gifts of joy, inspiration, and bliss. Are these not worth a thousand times more than a few coins?

People pay others for their services, and then they do not have to love them. They say, 'I have paid them, haven't I? Why should I love them as well?' Sometimes, in fact, they dislike those they pay and want nothing to do with them any more. And those who are paid often sense this. They receive money but they are unhappy, for they receive no love, and nothing is worse than to be deprived of love. If you want to be loved you must learn to do something for nothing; then you will be paid with love. In the future the currency of love will be valued more highly than any other.

As you see, human beings never really think; they never learn what they must do to be happy, how to bask continuously in the light of heaven. They say, 'I really could not care less about loving other people. What I am interested in is having enough money to eat and drink as I please, to go wherever I like, and to make love with any woman that takes my fancy.' Well, that is another matter. Those who want a lot of money are neither sensitive nor spiritual. They have many crude needs, and it costs money to provide for them. If they were interested in serving heaven they would have fewer claims on them from all sides and would not need so much money.

I am not against money. It is perfectly legitimate for people to be paid for the work they do, I have no objection. But for my part, I work without payment because I know the immense happiness that comes from working day and night without expecting anything in return from human beings. And you can have no notion of what I receive. It is nothing material or visible, but is is worth far more than money, and it can only be bought with disinterestedness. Yes, with disinterestedness you can buy both heaven and earth. All you have to do is give your heart and soul, your thaughts, your will, your health, and your whole life to the heavenly spirits, saying, 'All I have is at your service; my life is yours.' And since nothing is more precious than life, your sacrifice surpasses everything else, and the heavenly spirits are obliged by the law of divine justice to give you a particle of their celestial bliss. But if you are not ready to give anything, you cannot hope to receive anything; they will give you nothing. Here on earth it is possible to cheat and swindle others, but you cannot do that with the sublime entities; if you give nothing, you will receive nothing. If you want to hoard your wheat and refuse to sow it, it will either go mouldly or be eaten by rats.

A disciple must learn to give his life to heaven. He must say, 'Here is my life; it is yours for the service of the Kingdom of God, for the light of the world, for the happiness of all humanity.' The sublime spirits on high are so astonished when they hear a human being - one among the four billions that inhabit the earth - saying such a thing, that they come from all directions to look and listen. The event is so rare that they gather together to marvel and rejoice to see an earthling offer them his heart and soul, and promise to serve them with his whole life.

Yes, this is all too rare. Everybody keeps everything for themselves. A young girl says, 'I intend to live my own life.' Yes, she will live her own life, but how? With great 'weeping and gnashing of teeth.' Why does she not decide to give her life to the Lord? He would send her intelligent beings to teach her what she should do to gain eternal life; whereas, by wanting to live her life in her own way, she will not have the guidance and enlightenment she needs and will live a life of sensuality and stupidity. By wanting to live her life in her own way she is preparing to do herself an injury that she will never be able to repair. So many young boys and girls talk about living their own lives, and those who hear them expressing this wish think that it is perfectly legitimate. But when an initiate hears these words he knows that those who say them belong to the category of ignorant and unhappy human beings who have no idea of what is in store for them.

Dear Lord. How are my brothers and sisters ever going to understand me? Give me the most overwhelming arguments and the most striking images so that at last, for the first time in their lives, they may be convinced. Yes, I pray to heaven to help me make you understand where your happiness and your interest lie. Your interest lies in disinterestedness.

Of course, there are always some who give a few minutes of their time without payment, but they keep all the rest for themselves; they still cling to their personal joys and pleasures. Those who have really solved the problem are not very numerous. Many people are ready to make an occasional effort, to sacrifice and renounce something every now and then, but I am obliged to say that there are not many who dedicate themselves totally to the service of light. Human consciousness is still too limited to grasp the splendour of this work. Most people are still trapped in their ancient conceptions, still ruled by the traditional fears and stratagems of the family and of society.

However, although I talk like this, I fully realize how difficult it is to dedicate oneself to the Lord. For a disciple to dedicate himself to God from an early age he must have already done a great deal of work in this direction in previous incarnations; otherwise it is impossible. With the best will in the world he could not do it; his whole being vibrates on a different frequency. He would find no joy, no inspiration, nothing that appeals to him in the idea of dedication; on the contrary, it would terrify him. It is not possible for everybody to understand this idea. Some may understand it theoretically, philosophically, but they still cannot put it into practice, because all the tendencies of their being lead them in another direction; they have other needs, other desires, other pleasures.

It is extremely difficult for most human beings to achieve this kind of spiritual dedication, therefore; but there are some, a few rare beings, who come into the world with this idea. From a very early age they feel that they are already dedicated. Nobody forces them, it is just that it gives them great joy to dedicate themeselves. And as soon as they do so, they are under the protection of heaven. They receive all the light and guidance they need to see where they are going, and whatever their circumstances, however great their trials and tribulations, they are always protected, always safe. The sufferings they endure are not sent in order to destroy or annihilate them but to strengthen them, to incite them to conquer and prevail, to lead them to the highest peaks.

This does not mean that those who dedicate themselves to the Lord from an early age can expect to live in comfort without many hard lessons and trials in life. Far from it. Heaven takes care of them, but it does not let them stagnate in an effortless, uneventful, insignificant life. He who dedicates himself must realize that he will be tested. Not because he has to be punished or destroyed, but because he has to move on and reach other levels where he can develop and blossom, where he can awaken other possibilities within himself that could never be awakened if he were left to a life of tranquility and ease. If you read the biographies of great initiates who dedicated themselves to heaven, you will see what they went throught. Some of them knew that their trials were for their own good and neither kicked against the traces nor allowed themeselves to be defeated. They knew that those trials could transform them into divinities. But there were others who were not so enlightened: their suffering was too much for them, and sometimes they rebelled. They could not understand why heaven continued to treat them so cruelly, even though their whole life was dedicated to God and they were filled with love and selflessness.

The one thing that spiritualists (The word 'spiritualist' in the language of OMA means one who looks at things from a spiritual point of view, whose philosophy of life is based on belief in a spiritual reality) stand most in need of, therefore, is knowledge, true knowledge. They think that once they dedicate themselves to God, milk and honey will flow for them; they will walk on rose petals and be welcomed with garlands. Of course it is true that we find promises of this kind in the Bible, and it is also true that they will one day be fulfilled, but only when we have come through all our trials with success. Many spiritualists have no idea why God seems to ill-treat them although they do nothing wrong, and they rebel against this seeming injustice that they cannot understand. Here you are being given the light you need to understand that if these things happen to you it is for your own good. Even the purest, most upright, noble and luminous of beings, even those who are overflowing with love must endure certain trials, and this does not mean that God has abandoned them.

Apparently even Jesus experienced this terrible sense of solitude, for when he was on the cross he cried out, 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?' How could he, who was so exalted, so luminous, utter such words? God never really abandoned him; he was always with him. Yes, but in spite of what Christians believe, Jesus was not God, and in the Garden of Gethsemane he prayed, 'Father, if it be your will, remove this cup from me, 'because although he knew that his death was decreed, he still wanted to avoid it. And when the Gospel tells us that while he was praying his sweat became 'like great drops of blood,'it reveals the almost unimaginable state of tension he must have been in at the thought of the death that awaited him.

I am not saying this in order to belittle Jesus in any way; on the contrary, no one is more aware of his greatness. But Jesus was a man, and at the bottom of every man's heart lurks a trace of fear and anguish in the face of suffering and death. But a heavenly messenger was sent to comfort him and tell him, 'Your prayer has been heard. The Lord knows how great your suffering is, but it has been decreed. There is a reason for your torment. You know this reason, and you know that it will reverberate through the centuries so that all mankind may benefit from your sacrifice.' Then Jesus accepted what was asked of him, saying, 'Lord, not my will but yours be done.' It is not easy, when our trials are upon us, to say, 'Lord, may your will be done. I know that it is for my own good and for the good of humanity.' You have to be very highly evolved to be able to say such a thing.

You must make sure that what I am revealing to you today is indelibly imprinted in your minds. If you are not working for good, if you have not dedicated yourself to the Lord, the trials you have to endure will be of a different kind. They will be a punishment for the faults you have committed, and if you do not know how to overcome them, you will descend into hell; you will become a demon. Yes, there are different kinds of trials. When someone works for the glory of God, the purpose of his trials is his ultimate transformation into a divinity. But if he works against the light, against good, the trials he experiences are stumbling blocks and punishments. True, they are also designed to help him and to prevent him from sinking even lower, but they are still a punishment. It is important to understand, therefore, that these two kinds of trial are quite distinct. Many people - even many spiritualists - get them mixed up. They are incapable of seeing the difference because they do not possess the criteria they need.

This you must know, therefore: if you persist in an attitude of cupidity, egoism, and animosity, you will be introducing the seeds of disintegration into yourself.

This is an absolute law. Analyse yourselves, and if it gives you pleasure to imitate the lowest beings because they seem at first sight to enjoy some success, then by all means do so. But I warn you, you will never know peace.

Why not? Because this truth that I have explained to you will never leave you in peace. Never. You will never feel safe, you will always be saying to yourself, 'What is in store for me?' Even if you do not believe what I have been saying, some of it will have filtered in and registered within you. Without your realizing it, all my words are etched into your being. One day in fact, when they rise to the surface and manifest themselves, you will be astonished to see how much of what I have said has been recorded within you. So much the better. Believe me, when I say something, it is never in vain. From now on you will not know have a day of peace. You will say, 'But that is terrible; you are our sworn enemy.' No, I am not your enemy, but I still say that you will never know peace again because of this truth. It will continue to tighten its grip on you, and sooner or later you will be obliged to restore order to your lives and get back on to the right path. Only then will you know peace and tranquility. 'An in the meantime,' you say, 'it is your fault if we know no peace,' No, do not blame me, blame heaven, I am only the servant of heaven.

The human organism is a book, and in this book I find all the essential truths. But most educated people never attach any importance to what God has placed in man. All their research is limited to what so-and-so said or wrote, and they take pride in quoting their favourite author, however nonsensical. They never have any opinions of their own. For my part, I never quote anyone.

Human beings have never observed what goes on in their own bodies. They have no idea that when they are well it means that their organs are functioning harmonisously. They do not know that the foundation of their health is the law of sacrifice and self-abnegation. Mankind as a whole is also a body, and the different countries are its organs, but instead of working harmoniously together, these organs are devoured by cancer, and the world is doomed to perish because egoism and self-interest are the order of the day.

According to initiatic science, an anarchist is someone who refuses to submit to the divine order of creation, and this means that nine-tenths of all human beings should be classed as anarchists. People's understanding of anarchy is usually based on political or social criteria, but these are inadequate; the only true anarchy is anarchy in relation to heaven. Of course, in actual fact, many people are double anarchical, being anarchical in their attitude both towards earth and towards heaven.

Think of the parable of the prodigal son, who left his father's house because he was bored and went out into the world in search of freedom and adventure. To begin with, he enjoyed the novelty of it all, but his enjoyment did not last long and his fortunes gradually deteriorated.

Wherever he went he was a foreigner, and people distrusted him and refused to give him work. So the poor young man began to suffer from hunger, thirst, and bitter cold; he had nothing to eat and nowhere to live, and he began to regret having left his father's house. He remembered that there he had had everything he needed; everybody knew who he was, and his father and mother and the whole family loved him. He knew now from his own experience that neither love nor pity ruled the world, and so, a wiser and a humbler man, he decided to go back home. And his father recognized his son in the miserable, half-starved creature who appeared before him dressed in rags and covered with dust. The Gospel adds that he welcomed him with open arms and ordered the fatted calf to be killed to celebrate his return. Of course, his brother was rather angry at all this and grumbled a bit, but the father soothed his feelings and reminded him that he should be generous to someone who was destitute.

The story of the prodigal son is the story of all those who, instead of living in harmony with divine law, want to do exactly as they like and take pleasure in being anarchical. And, as I have said, the worst form of anarchy is that which reigns within man. This is why the goal of all initiatic schools is to induce human beings to return to their Father's house, to the safety of that 'secret place' of which Psalm 91 speaks ('He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty... He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in him I will trust'), and which the forces of evil cannot enter. Human beings always seem to be glad to get away from this secret place in which they are under the protection of the Lord. They are eager to live their lives in their own way by breaking God's laws and getting as far away from him as possible. Well, let me tell you that people like that have a great deal of suffering in store for them. Their constant tendency to be out of step and to disobey means that their destiny requires them to suffer. But those who have already suffered a great deal, and whose sufferings have brought them understanding, are ready to return to their Father, to that 'secret place'. This is why they join a spiritual brotherhood, an initiatic school, for to do so symbolizes a return to the divine order.

Many years ago I talked to you about this 'secret place' in which man is unvulnerable. It is a world of such harmony, a world in which the vibrations are so intense and so pure, that the slightest negative element is immediately rejected and cast out. Jesus said: 'I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing. Whoever does not abide in me is thrown away like a branch and withers; such branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned.' This expresses exactly the same idea. Find and take refuge in this fortress, therefore, so that you may be protected and nourished. How can anyone fail to understand this? Human beings are all anarchists, they all want to break away from the Lord in the hope of getting something more, something which, in fact, they can never get. Before launching out blindly like that, they would do much better to study the laws and understand how things are likely to turn out. But they are like the prodigal son: he too should have seen what life was like in his father's house and compared it with the life he would find in the outside world, where men claw, bite and hack their way to success. But he did not study anything, the poor wretch; he just imagined what he would find. And this is what all anarchists do, they imagine. This is why I advise you all to examine the whole question very thoroughly to see what is in store for you if you continue on the path of anarchy.

This question of laws is so easy to understand. Suppose you overeat: you will not be prosecuted in the name of any you overeat: you will not be prosecuted in the name of any human law - no policeman will come and arrest you - but you will suffer from acute indigestion. In the name of what law are you laid low and put to bed? The laws of nature are not those of human beings.

Human beings will come and see you and commiserate with you in bed, but however much they sympathize, they will not be able to cure you; only nature can cure you. If you start to obey the laws of nature again you will be cured. You must learn these laws of nature, the divine laws that rule the intellect, the heart, and the physical body. You should know exactly what everything you say and do represents in the way of energy, see where these energies go, and make sure that they do not disturb or harm anyone. In the Tales from from the Arabian Nights there is a story about a merchant who sat down to rest from his travels and eat some dates, and as he ate he threw the stones carelessly in different directions. Suddenly, a monstrous genie appeared and declared that he would kill him. 'But why?' stammered the unfortunate merchant; 'What have I done?' 'When you were throwing those stones away,' replied the genie, 'my son was passing by, and you threw one into his eye and killed him. Therefore I must kill you.' Of course this is only a legend, but there is great meaining in it.

There is also a popular tradition that when one goes out at night one must carry a light. This external light symbolizes the inner lamp that you must keep burning in order to protect yourself against evil spirits. For just as wild beasts hunt their prey at night, so do many evil spirits roam freely at night, seeking to harm human beings, until at cock-crow they are obliged to disapear.

But human beings are so ignorant; they leave their doors wide open night and day for any entity to enter and lay waste their inner world.

So there you are, my dear brothers and sisters, do as you please; cut yourselves off from the Lord and maintain your independence if you like, and you will see what your destiny will be. For my part, I do not need to wait and see; I already know what it will be. How do I know that? I only have to see a person's attitude and I can immediately sense what he wants from life. The goals of those who cut themselves off from God and from the fellowship of initiates, who turn their back on the light, are necessarily extremely banal and mundane. They want wealth, power and glory; they want to be able to gratify their appetite for food and drink and sexual pleasure. In other words, their ideal is not very lofty; on the contrary, they spend their time in the filth and slime of the lowest regions, and the only possible outcome is misfortune and suffering. As you see, I only need to know a person's ideal and I can immediately tell you what his final destination will be; he will end up exactly where his final destination will be; he will end up exactly where his ideal has led him. When you possess initiatic science, nothing is easier than to prophesy. When you know which track a train is running on, you know exactly which towns it will go through and where it will end up. Every station-master is a prophet. And astronomers are prophets too, because they can tell you the exactly where the planets will be years in advance. All those who are really proficient in any science are prophets. Predictions for the future are based on an occult science.

There, this is what I wanted to say about anarchy. All these intellectuals who think they are God's gift to mankind must learn that their philosophy of breaking away from the centre can only lead to enslavement and total restriction, for there can be no freedom far from the centre. What is in store for you if you withdraw form the light and warmth of the sun? Darkness, cold and death. And the sun symbolizes the initiatic confraternity. The Psalmist says, 'I walk before the Lord in the land of the living.' and this 'land of the living' is the true confraternity, the sun, for in the sun dwell the noblest, most luminous of beings. That which we call sunlight is the vibrations, emanations and radiations of these incandescent beings. The light that illuminates the planets comes not from the sun itself but from the sun's inhabitants. The sun is a richly fertile, cultivated land, a very advanced civilization, and it is the inhabitants of this land that project light out into space. All this will one day be discovered by scientists, but initiates have known it for ages, for they have travelled in their etheric bodies into every region of space and visited the sun and the other planets. Believe me or not, as you please, but I am telling you the truth.

It is a great mistake to think that to belong to an initiatic contraternity implies that you have to restrict yourself and forfeit your freedom; on the contrary, only in such a confraternity will man find freedom and happiness. True self-realization can be achieved only in the one true brotherhood, the Great White Brotherhood which exists in the higher world and of which our own Brotherhood here on earth is nor more than a reflection. Also, if you think that it depends on your decision to belong or not to belong to that great Brotherhood, that too is an illusion. Some people may say that they do not want belong to, but the truth is that they would not be accepted. If they were worthy to join it, they would be eager to do so, but it is not all comers who can be accepted just as they are. Each one has to work for years and years and prove that they are worthy before being allowed to join this confraternity. Perhaps you will say, 'But I have never done anything to earn it, and yet I have been accepted as a member of the Universal White Brotherhood.' Yes, but the Brotherhood here on earth is no more than a vestibule; it is not yet the Holy of Holies. It is much more difficult to be accepted into the Brotherhood on high, but once you are accepted your name is inscribed in heaven and you receive all the gifts and all the help you need every day; just as the employees of a company here on earth receive a salary, family allowances, and so on.

Perhaps you are thinking, 'Where on earth does he get all that?' Well, you have read the Gospels: surely you remember that Jesus said, 'See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing will hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this, that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.' Once your name is written in the book of life you will not be forgotten. You will be given strength, health and joy. You will feel that support, advice and guidance are bestowed on you, and even if you do have to endure trials and difficulties, you will find either that they will not last so long as they used to or that you are stronger and more able to deal with them. This is the Gospel, the living Gospel; and it is up to you now to make the necessary effort to enter this fortress, this secret place, for once you are there you will be safe. There is a Sanskrit text that says, 'A pilgrim has reached the far bank of the river, an arhat is born, a new dvija, a saviour of the world,' and in Christianity this idea is expressed by the quest for the Holy Grail. In one form or another, all religions speak of this confraternity under the rulership of Christ.

Human beings look for a confraternity to join, of course, but never this one. They prefer to join a political confraternity and are ready to be massacred for an ideology that will soon be out of fashion and replaced by another one. They are not interested in putting themselves at the service of an ideal that would make them immortal and invinvible. But for heaven's sake, if they really want to shed their blood, why cannot they at least choose a cause that is eternal? They just do not use their brains; they sell their freedom for too little. All their brave words about the price of freedom are just that, words. The truth is that they do not care two hoots for their freedom, their life, their blood. Someone who really wants to save his life entrusts it to a bank that will never become insolvent; to the bank of the sun, not to a ship that is sinking because it has a hole in its hull. I was still very young when I realized that I should never achieve very much if I relied on my own freedom, my own will, and my own intelligence. This is why I did everything possible to enter the divine order of the Universal White Brotherhood. And if you, for your part, continue to believe that you will achieve great things on your own without this confraternity, I can prophesy that what you gain in this way will be far less than what you would gain by joining it.

To possess your own house and have money in the bank - is that your idea of success? If so, when it is time to depart for the next world you will see that you have worked in vain - or, rather, you have been working for the benefit of thieves. So acquire all the material possessions you want, but know that you will be obliged to leave them all behind; whereas the things you acquire through your spiritual work will always be yours, and you will take them with you into the next world. Wherever you go, your capital, your wealth, all your precious stones will go with you and will benefit the whole world. You will probably think that what I am saying is very difficult to understand; it is as though I were speaking an unknown language. You would all understand me if I talked about higher mathematics, but people no longer understand the language I speak, although it seems to me that nothing could be clearer.

It is not a sign of intelligence and freedom to refuse to submit to the great laws of the Universal White Brotherhood. The Gospels tell us that we are all obliged to serve a master. If we refuse to serve Christ and the light, we shall be obliged to serve the devil and the powers of darkness. This is a law. People say, 'Oh, you know, this thing about Christ and the light is not for me. I cannot accept that.' Well, if that is your attitude, you too will be unable to avoid falling into the power of dark forces. Those who seek to be free in their own way cannot find true freedom; they will find only slavery. They are influenced and controlled by other entities. Their ignorance is such that they are easily hoodwinked into thinking that they are following their own wishes and making their own decisions, while in fact they are working for others. Human beings are like children; they just do not understand. When small children want to be free, they are liable to do all kinds of stupid and dangerous things that will restrict their freedom even more. Young people - and adults, too, for that matter - have no more understanding of freedom than a baby. Only the wise know that if you want to be free you have to impose limitations on yourself. Others, on the pretext that they want to be free, let their wild beasts out of their cages, and then they are torn apart and devoured by them.

I happened to switch on the television yesterday, and what did I see? Four hairy ruffians who looked like animals, screaming and gesticulating incoherently. This, apparently, was a concert. Never have I heard anything so repulsive and discordant. But the audience - mostly young boys and girls - were wildly enthusiastic, clapping and jumping up and down and twisting about in hideous contortions. I could not help feeling sad at the sight. I thought to myself, 'My God, how can anyone understand human nature today? What is it in man's soul that has the power to estrange him from beauty to such an extent? How can four such villainous creatures be such a popular success? I am not so strict and narrow-minded as to condemn young people for wanting to express their vitality and joy, but there was no joy here at all; the movements which should have been an expression of vitality were no more than horrible, unsightly contortions. Wild animals! Yes, the doors of their cages had been flung wide open, and they were prowling about, devouring whatever good there was in those so-called musicians while the crowd looked on and applauded.

Seeing this, I almost lost hope of ever leading human beings to something beautiful and meaning ful. They are going to have to go all the way, they are going to have to touch bottom. How can people like that understand the magnificent laws of nature? They have never done any work on themselves; they do not even know that there is work to be done. The only thing they know is how to open the cages of their own wild animals. And they call that freedom, liberation. Yes, they are liberated, independent - unleashed.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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