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Smile The Cosmic Body II

What a magnificent sunrise we had today, and how privileged we are to witness such splendour. I am well aware that the sun does not mean anything to some of you; it does not arouse any special feeling or vibration in you; you feel no particular attachment to it. It is as though, as far as you are concerned, the sun were dead. Yes, the living, vibrant sun rises every morning and distributes its treasures to the world, but some of you are entirely untouched and unmoved by it, as though there were a screen between you and the sun. And indeed there is. That screen is the way you have lived the day before.., or for many days before that. You have never realized that your thoughts and feelings could make any difference—for good or for ill—to the way you react in front of the rising sun. This is why the sun means nothing to you.

If you were inwardly organized and prepared to meet the sun every day, you would understand that it is a living being, a brilliant, dazzling world inhabited by the most highly evolved beings, and that it can give you the solution to all your problems. It never occurs to people that the sun can do more than give them light and heat. They only scoff if you tell them that it can also instruct them and teach them a great deal. For most people, the sun is just a ball of fire, and nobody knows quite why it is there. So they stick to what they do know and interest themselves in everything except trying to understand the wealth and splendour of the sun.

I have just used the word 'organized', saying that you must be inwardly organized and prepared. We often hear this word these days: people say that they have to organize this or that, that such and such an organization is good or bad, and so on, but they do not always understand the real meaning of the word.

The word organization comes from organ. And what is an organ? You could say that an organ is an instrument whose function is to form a relationship, a link between objects, forces, beings, or other instruments of the same kind. In the absence of an appropriate organ, there can be no exchange between two beings. Our skin, our ears and eyes, and so on, are the organs by which we perceive and are in touch with the world around us. If one of your essential organs is missing—an arm, a leg, or your tongue—you cannot do your work properly, for you cannot move about, hold things, or speak. And this is just as true on the spiritual as on the physical plane: if the appropriate organs are missing, you will not have the 'instruments you need in order to know the subtle world. This is why the invisible world is incomprehensible to most human beings: they have not yet formed the organs that would enable them to make contact with it.

Human beings do not know how to reason correctly, so they arrive at the stupid conclusion that since they cannot see or feel the invisible world, therefore it does not exist. They forget that scientific instruments have been showing us for a very long time now that both sound and light exist on vibrational frequencies that are beyond our powers of perception. Man's powers of perception are limited, but his reasoning powers are even more limited, for, rather than acknowledge that there are things that cannot be perceived by his sense organs, he prefers to deny the existence of anything he cannot actually see or touch. Nothing could be more stupid. From the beginning of time, there have always been people gifted with highly developed organs that enabled them to see things in the invisible world. Such organs go by different names—a sixth sense, the pineal gland, intuition, the eye of the spirit—but it makes no difference what you call them, the important thing is that they are as real as our physical organs. In the distant past, all human beings had these subtle organs in perfect working order, and it was only gradually, as they became increasingly materialized, that they ceased to function. It is time now to restore these faculties to their original state, and this can be achieved by means of spiritual work and a suitable way of life.

As I say, we hear a great deal about organization today, but it is always a question of material organization. As a matter of fact, although things are still not perfect in the social and political spheres, men have already achieved a fairly good degree of external organization. But what chaos in their inner lives. It never occurs to them that they need to organize things on that level too; all their efforts are focused on the external world. Where the inner, philosophical, metaphysical realm is concerned they are content to invent all kinds of complicated, incomprehensible terms and notions, which often have no relation to fact, but they never attempt to develop the organs that would enable them to make direct contact with the spiritual world. And yet that world does, after all, exist; it is a reality. As long as human beings are not actually in touch with this world, anything they say about it will be hollow and meaningless. It is important, therefore, to begin to organize your spiritual life and to live and work in a way that enables your spiritual organs to unfold and develop so that you can make contact with invisible, celestial realities. As long as you are too absorbed in your ordinary, mundane activities you will not be free to develop that inner organization and to discover the reality of this unknown world, which is so much vaster, richer, and more beautiful than the everyday world we know.

The fact that you come to the sunrise in the morning without having prepared yourselves proves that you have not understood. This is why there is no communication between you and the sun, why you do not receive the waves he sends you. Every sunrise should make you richer. All that abundance, all that untold, incalculable wealth is there for you to draw on so that you may then distribute it to others. Go to this inexhaustible source every morning with all the receptacles you possess, for it is capable of quenching the thirst of all creatures.

It is true that scientists, who love to calculate everything, have interested themselves in the sun to the extent of trying to determine how long it will live. Instead of going to the sunrise to draw light, warmth, and life from it, they compute the hour of its death. But their calculations will always be wide of the mark. The sun can prolong his own life for just as long as he pleases, for he has drunk the elixir of everlasting life. I assure you, I saw him drinking it, and I know that he will live as long as he wants to. You do not believe me? All right, go and check it for yourselves. Why is it that when you do not believe something I say you never go and find out the truth for yourselves? If you did, you would see that it is true that the sun has drunk the elixir of everlasting life. You are perhaps wondering who gave it to him. The elixir of everlasting life is what alchemists call the Magistery of the Sun, which is simply a condensation of the sun's rays. So the sun does not need anyone to give it to him; he gives it to himself without ceasing. The sun is the true phoenix, that fabulous bird that is portrayed as rising constantly from its own ashes. But there are no ashes in the sun.

The phoenix is the symbol of all highly evolved beings who, knowing the laws of life and immortality, are capable of constantly renewing themselves. The sun is their model. Those who aspire to everlasting life must take their lesson from the sun, because only the sun can teach us what elements we need in order to win immortality and how to go about obtaining them. These elements are three in number: the light, the warmth, and the life that the sun pours out unceasingly into space. And the only way a disciple can benefit from all this wealth distributed by the sun is to keep a close watch on himself and not lose himself in activities that restrict him and tie him down. Otherwise, even if he is brought face to face with the fountainhead of life, with the Almighty himself, even if a myriad of shining, sparkling beings reveal their splendour to him, he will be so engrossed in his inner state of dissatisfaction and gloom that he will neither see them nor receive anything from them. As long as your spiritual organs are not in good working order, there is nothing you can do about it; the sun will still be there before your eyes but you will not feel it. Even the power of the sun is not enough to give you physical eyes; that is up to you. And this is equally true in the spiritual life. The sun exists within every human being, but they neither see nor feel its presence because their spiritual organs are not yet formed. The first thing they have to do, therefore, is to start forming these inner organs—or awakening them, rather, for centuries of disuse have left them in a state of atrophy. So as I say, it is possible to attend the sunrise for years and years without learning anything. But the day you understand what I am saying, the day you prepare yourselves for the sunrise as though it were more important than any other event in life, you will begin to drink the sun, to be nourished by the sun, and to do some intelligent and useful work.

However much you explain things to human beings, however many mysteries of creation or of the kingdom of God you reveal to them, they will not yet be able to understand or use those revelations, because the necessary organs are missing. No doubt you will be wondering why, although well aware of this, I go on with my work. First of all because there is always a chance that things will improve if I persevere. I continue to explain and work for the few whose organs are already in working order. Then, too, I know that there is a law of magic that decrees that if you enlighten others in order to help them to evolve, even if your efforts fail to bear fruit, you will have given an outlet to the forces of love within you, and it is you who will benefit from that love, you who will be happy, who will develop and grow and be enriched. Others can stay as they are if they want to, but you at least will prosper and grow.

Yes, I know the reality, but it does not discourage me. Whatever comes, I persevere with my work, if only for my own sake. Even if you were not there, I would still go to the sunrise—in fact I would sometimes feel much freer alone—but I still prefer to be at the sunrise with you, for when we are together, there is an added dimension, an atmosphere of warmth and love, and I prefer that. No doubt I am biased, but I prefer to attend the sunrise with all my 'family' around me.

So, as I have said, we need to reach a deeper understanding of the word 'organization'. Scientists speak of organic and inorganic chemistry. Organic chemistry studies substances produced by living organisms; whereas inorganic or mineral chemistry studies elements that are considered to be lifeless. In fact, everything is organic, but not everything is organized. The brain, for instance, exists organically, but that does not mean that the brain of every human being is really organized. An organized brain is one in which the psychic activity of thought and feeling is free from all friction or disorder. And what about human society? Is it organized? Outwardly, at least, it seems to be: trade and commerce, the police, postal services, hospitals, and so on, are all highly organized; but it is an organization that is purely mechanical, for the harmony that is part and parcel of the notion of organization does not yet exist. The truth is that the word organization can be applied rightfully only to the divine world, in which everything functions smoothly and without conflict. When we talk about perfect organization on earth, about the organization of a brain or of society, we can do no more than mouth the words: the reality is still unorganized.

Humanity needs a model of perfect organization in which everything functions as it should, but you will not find such a model on earth. You must look for it in the region in which it can be seen in action, and this region is the sun. Of course, when I speak of the sun, I am not speaking of the visible, physical sun but of the world of harmony and peace that the physical sun symbolizes. Perhaps some of you will say, 'It is not the sun that is the most highly organized, it is the Church.' Oh dear, if you knew what went on in the Church. Outwardly, it is true, it is hierarchically organized, but inwardly it is not so very different from any of the other so-called organizations we see in the world. Organization in the true sense of the word is not only external. External organization is necessary of course, I do not deny it, but it is not the be-all and end-all. In fact it is useless if it is not accompanied by something else, something higher that animates and vivifies it. That is the kind of organization I want.

Look at yourselves. All your functions are organized, your respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems are all in working order, and yet you are always unhappy, discouraged, weak, and lack-lustre. Why? If physical organization were enough you would have everything you need. So we have to conclude that it is not enough. This physical organization needs to be infused by another, inner organization. Let me take another example: you have installed a complete electrical system in your house with all the necessary wires, cables, and meters, but nothing works. Why? Because there is no power coming into your house from the mains. Everything is in place but this one connection. Plug it in or switch it on and there you are, the lights come on, the heaters start to warm up, and you can begin to cook your dinner. 'But I have tried and it still does not work,' you complain. Well, you are going to have to find out why. What is missing? Perhaps something is broken or one of the poles of your plug is not in place; and there can be no contact unless both poles are in place. You see, we always come back to the two principles.

There, I hope that these few words will be helpful to you in preparing for the events of the next few days. As I have already told you in past years, the date of Easter was not determined by chance; it was calculated in accordance with an astronomical and astrological science that can be traced back to earliest antiquity. At this time of year, certain phenomena occur in the heavens, and human beings can benefit from these phenomena if their consciousness is sufficiently developed and they prepare themselves to receive the influx of celestial currents. Otherwise, these currents will simply pass them by and flow into other regions, and human beings will still be the same in spite of Easter. Easter has come and gone thousands of times already, but human beings have still not been transformed, because their consciousness was busy with other things. Until they succeed in organizing their lives in such a way as to have time for spiritual activities, they will never make any progress.

Neither science, nor religion, nor art has yet succeeded in improving human beings, because they are always focused on what is peripheral and inessential. Look at the way they behave with regard to the sun, for instance. Scientists are beginning to understand that even the energy contained in an atomic bomb is nothing compared to that emitted by the sun, and they are building more and more instruments to make use of solar energy. The only trouble is, of course, that they always work for a material, utilitarian purpose; they never do anything to help people to expand their consciousness or improve themselves. They would bottle the sun and sell it for a profit if they could, but they are not interested in finding out how the sun can be a means of perfecting the human race and bringing about the kingdom of God on earth. Their goal is always profit, wealth, commerce. They are even ready to sell the Lord himself. Go to Lourdes, or Lisieux, or any other place of pilgrimage in the world, and you will see endless rows of shops in which the Lord is bought and sold.

Human beings have been brought up in this materialistic, utilitarian attitude for centuries. Today, no technical achievement seems to be beyond their reach. They will soon be setting off for other planets, but they themselves are no better than they ever were. You will say, 'But culture and civilization have made tremendous progress.' Yes, on the surface, but inwardly the situation is worse than before. People are more grasping and acquisitive, crueller and more sensual than they used to be because they are more 'intelligent'. No, humanity has not improved. True improvement does not consist exclusively in better buildings, clothes, food, or means of transport. Improvement in these areas is technical, mechanical, or whatever else you like to call it, but it is not true improvement, for true improvement consists in spiritualization. Moreover, the most flagrant proof that man is not very highly evolved is that he attaches no spiritual significance to the sun.

The one thing I am really concerned about is the value of things, and I am sorry to say that my research has led me to the conclusion that human beings attach no value to essentials, while attaching great value to incidentals, to things that are worthless. They spend their time chasing after shadows while, for my part, I have discovered that the only thing that matters, the only essential, is light. Even nature gives priority to fight. The fact that the speed of light cannot be matched by anything else means that light is superior to everything. The fastest runner always wins the race, and light is the fastest because it has stripped itself of everything that could burden it or slow it down. It is free to race ahead; whereas all others are so burdened that they crawl along at a snail's pace. Yes, speed is a measure of perfection. When your mental activity slows down you can no longer rely on it, for if it cannot give you a rapid and accurate view of a situation and its possible dangers, you will have an accident or find yourself trapped. Similarly, when your psychic life slows down, everything becomes much more laborious.

Light is a yardstick, a criterion. There is no evil, no self-seeking in the mind of light, and this is why it is always first, because it is utterly detached and without greed. If you want to explore the human heart and the universe, if you want to study all the treasures of the universal soul, you too must have the intensity and the speed of light. If you do not understand the language of the light that comes from the sun, if you still do not understand that this light is the only school in which you may learn true norms and measures, then you have not understood anything at all. Yes, as long as human beings have still not understood that the sun can give them the most effective means of attaining knowledge and of learning to reason and to evaluate reality, to my mind they have understood nothing; they are living in error. This is why I urge them to enrol in the school of the sun, for it is from him that they will get the best advice. He will tell them, for instance, 'Never follow those who possess neither warmth nor light, for they will lead you to the abyss.'

Human beings imagine that they will find truth in books, but all books are meaningless nonsense compared to the sun. No book can give you absolute truth. That is the way of earth reality: we have to make do with relative truths, for everything on earth is relative. If you want absolute truth, you will have to go to the source, the centre. Here on earth, we are at the periphery, and we can glimpse only a few aspects of truth. As soon as you speak and try to explain things to someone, you are at the periphery. It is when you say nothing that you are at the centre. As soon as you try to talk, you descend into the physical body, and that is already the periphery.

Henceforth, therefore, forget about what the various philosophies, the Church, and all kinds of other people tell you, and ask the sun for his opinion. The authors of all those books you read had a great many limitations—not to mention the fact that they are now dead. But the sun is not only still alive, he is in excellent health. Is it not much better to sign up with someone who possesses the secret of immortality rather than with someone who is already dead? This has always been my way: if someone tries to sell me a bottle of patent hair tonic, I look at his bald head and tell him, 'No thanks, I do not want any.' And if he says that there is no better remedy for baldness, I tell him, 'If that were true you should have a noble crop of hair, but I see that you are as bald as an egg.' Yes, this is why I turn to the sun, because everything he tells us is true. Of course, there is no reason why, having listened to the sun, you should not also leaf through a few books. I am not so fanatical as to say that you should never read a single book, but what I do say—and this is the absolute truth—is that you cannot learn everything nor can you become truly free thanks to the writings of human beings.

You will ask, 'What about the Gospels? Doesn't Christ himself speak in the Gospels?' No, Christ never wrote anything. Other people wrote the Gospels, and it is quite possible that they did not always write the exact truth. I know that no one will agree with me, but even here there are certain criteria we can apply. All the books that human beings write have to be compared with the one book that is indestructible: the great book of living nature. If what you find in books can also be found in the book of living nature, then you can believe it because it is true. Otherwise, it is untrue. There are passages that are not completely true even in the Gospels. Yes, even in the Gospels. Do you want me to prove it to you? Very well, take the passage that says, 'If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you.' Is it really the eye that causes a man to sin, or is it some other organ? In this case, we should cut that organ off too. But even if we did, would that rid us of all our inner greed and lusts?

No, it is not a question of mutilating oneself and removing one's eyes, one's genitals, or any other part of one's body. If your hands are too fond of finding their way into the pockets or the cash box of your neighbour, it is not by amputating them that you would lose the desire to steal. Even if you had no hands, the desire would still need to be amputated. The desire not the physical organ. It is the force, the impulse behind an organ, that drives people to crime. This passage of the Gospels is not very accurate, therefore, for I do not believe that Jesus ever said anything like that. You will say that I am contradicting the Gospels. I am ready to contradict anything that is not true. I am very bold. Yes, when it comes to defending the truth, I am bold. I put my explanations alongside those of others and call on nature to be the judge. It is not for human beings to pronounce judgement, but for the whole of nature.

Even if someone mutilated himself in the hope of finding salvation, he would still go to hell if his desires were infernal, because it is his desires that bind him to the regions, substances, and entities to which they correspond. This means that it is his desires that he must cast from him, or, rather, that he must transform. Yes, he must transform not kill them. The divine world does not kill, it only transforms, educates, and enlightens. 'destroy', 'uproot', and 'massacre' are words for the weak and ignorant, for those who are incapable of grasping the notions of transformation and sublimation. Human beings need words that mean something to them, and at a time when they were too ignorant for anything else they were given these words, which they could understand because they had been making war and putting their enemies to the sword for centuries. But one day men will have to begin to understand things differently, for it is useless to kill. You cannot rid yourself of an enemy, even by killing him. History shows this very clearly. Look at how many revolutionaries have had their heads chopped off because of their ideas; but although their heads were chopped off, their ideas lived on. In fact, their death only served to reinforce their ideas and propagate them all the more rapidly.

It is not by killing people that you can get rid of their ideas; nor is it by cutting off a limb that you can get rid of your desires. Leave your limbs alone and concentrate on your thoughts and feelings, and on your soul. Your limbs and organs do no more than carry out the orders that come to them from above. An arm can strike or caress, slay or save. Why blame the arm? The arm is not the culprit; it has no responsibility in the matter. It receives an order, which may be either good or bad, and carries it out. It is exactly the same with a tap: do you destroy a tap if the water that comes from it one day is dirty? No, because the water will probably run clean the next day.

Human beings always think that if they have a problem with something, the solution is to destroy it. They do not recognize the true, remote cause of the problem. They have always demolished all that was good and useful without looking for the underlying problem. If you remove a man's sexual organs, he will no longer be able to gratify his appetites and desires, but that does not mean that they will have ceased to exist. There have been people whose faith was so ardent that they mutilated themselves in order, as they thought, to avoid going to hell; only to find themselves in another hell where the flames were even fiercer. Heavens above. How can people be so ignorant in certain areas? Aberrations of this kind will never convince others that they should seek purity, that they should seek God. On the contrary, they will only turn people away from belief in God, and that is very grave. You might have been able to convince people with such absurd ideas in the Middle Ages, but not today. Today, human beings need other notions, other precepts. This is why the day will come, I assure you, when even the truths of the Gospel will be presented differently.

For the moment, I have a different programme for you. I cannot give you more than this because there are certain elementary concepts that you have not yet digested or understood. Even the question of the sun is not clear to many. They attend the sunrise but they get no benefit from it. Afterwards, they are as prosaic as ever, ready at once to start arguing and quarrelling with everybody. As I have already explained, it is because they have never prepared themselves to attend the sunrise. If you want to understand the sun, you have to be detached and free. Yes, if you can achieve this, you will understand what the sun is. I cannot tell you... no words are adequate to express what the sun is. And if, in spite of all that I have explained to you so far, you still cannot understand or appreciate it, it is no use hoping that anyone else will be able to make you understand.

It is true that some concepts are so far beyond the comprehension of human beings that even when they are explained by an initiate or a great master, they will still not be understood. Some people may be capable of an intellectual understanding, but there are things that cannot wholly be grasped by the intellect, and this means that until human beings acquire spiritual comprehension, many notions will remain beyond their reach. Even if I give you such clear, simple examples as that of the spring, the spring that is indispensable to life, you will not understand them beyond a certain point; you will fail to grasp their spiritual content.

We shall always need our intellect in order to understand and get along in the concrete physical world, but it is not enough. There is another kind of intelligence whose role is to prepare us for heaven, to prepare us to sense, and savour, and imbibe heaven. And both forms of intelligence are necessary to us, for neither can take the place of the other. Both are necessary, because each one corresponds to a particular region. I know that I shall not be understood, because I am leading you into realms that you no one has ever talked to you about before. It is only normal that you cannot understand me. But that is no excuse for me to talk of something else, because my aim, the task that has been entrusted to me, is precisely to prepare you for this other world that you do not yet know. Others can be trusted to explain politics, the sciences, literature, economics, and so on. Dozens of people know far more than I do about such things, and I am filled with admiration when I read their books, but it is not these books that enable me to drink from the fountain of life. The trouble is that everything is mixed up in your heads because you do not possess the criteria you need to discern whether something belongs to heaven or to earth.

When God created the world, he gave the blueprint, the overall design, to his servants, the angels and archangels, and it was they who carried it out. And this pattern is repeated in every area of life: there is one who draws up the plans and others who carry them out. Workers are always needed, and I am glad to see that there are some workers, some brothers and sisters in my Brotherhood, who are capable of working hard. But if you did not have what I give you, you would not get very far with your work. Each of us has our appointed task. What I give you belongs to another dimension, another world, and it is not very clear to you; it seems to be formless. Yes, and it is precisely your task to give it form. It is like life: life has no form.

I give you the contents and it is up to you to find the various vessels, vases, or pitchers to contain it. I cannot give you everything. I already give you the liquid, the fluidic aspect; the least you can do is to bring your own jugs and bottles. Of course, I could also give you all the containers you need—the very best that exist—but if you had no fluid to put into them, what use would they be? What use is all your wiring if there is no electric current flowing through it? My task is to connect you to the sun, to the current of divine life. If you have other ambitions that need to be satisfied, go and satisfy them elsewhere, but try at least to understand what this element is that I give you. Try to understand its nature and its essence, why it is necessary, and how to use it. Do not confuse it with all kinds of other things, which, however useful and magnificent they may be, belong to a different realm.

What I need now are some able workers, and with those workers I shall shake up the whole world; it is only a question of time. The events taking place in the world today are going to force human beings to change their philosophy and lead them to the Great Universal White Brotherhood. It is impossible for them to end up anywhere else, for everywhere else there are only fragments, parts of the whole. Political parties, philosophical movements, sects, and associations of all kinds are all parts of the whole; only the Universal White Brotherhood embraces the whole. I know that, at the moment, you do not believe me. You are so fascinated by the little innovations that can be seen here and there in every domain that you forget what is essential. Human beings need to have something to marvel at—that is only normal—but I advise you to marvel only at what is essential, that is, at light, love, goodness, the sun, and the stars—at the whole of creation. And if, in second place, you want to marvel at certain human beings, do so by all means, but only to the extent to which they express and reveal the Source of all life.

If you do not possess these criteria, sooner or later you will be let down. You will attach yourself to those who tempt and seduce you, and they will disrupt your psychic life and bring you nothing but darkness and final min. And once they have destroyed you, they will abandon you and go in search of another gullible victim to destroy. This is how it goes in the world, and, naturally, regrets always follow, but by then it is too late. Everybody regrets their mistakes eventually, and it is always too late, because they have never managed to attach themselves to the essentials. There is nothing worse than to be incapable of discerning what is essential.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Sevres, April 14, 1965
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