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Default Are you the new conspiracy ?

Under the Constitution your Mandated (Obligated) to speak out against all Enemies.

NWO .. hmm.. are you sure your ready for disclosure on all forms and types of information that " our baddie Big Brother " is " hiding " ? ( scientific or otherwise ? )

Most of you speak that Goverment is conspiracing Against sure are you that they are not meerly protecting us.


Okies..lets say for argument that we somehow ( on the internet or public law ) get the oportunity of knowing ALL that ALL goverment across the world scientifically or otherwise knowledge of ALL ..

You guys want a new world "ALEXANDIRIA" were all the greatest minds of the World "Share" there knowledge of everything that has been discoverd .. ( from whatever source it comes from..mebbe other life..down to Extreme Genius .. I.E. E=MC2 )

Okie..lets say that I talk to all Nations..and politly ask them to Reviel all secret access to ALL thats " Top Secret ".. and someway I convince Everyone to copitulate..

Now what have we..What ??

hmm..think about it..hypothetically speaking of cource..

1. Free Energy source..( Zero Point Energy ) wheeeee... FREE unlimeted energy ( of cource we dont know what effects it would cause on our own Planetary Gravaton Field.. ( remember..all hypothetical.. )

2. Information on creating MASS weaponry ( or any kind of WMD ) ..with ZPE ( Zero Point Energy that cost only 50 bucks for everyone to create ) then put that Info into the hands of EVERYONE on the planet with Internet...yea..lets do that !@!!
Kinda scary if you ask me...

3. Non-traceable Energy to go back and fourth into the "Time/Space contiuum" ( if it even exists )gee..lets let everyone be able to do this...

WHAT do you guys want from the Elected ?

I know..LET US "KNOW" what they know..and let YOU decide whether or not thats good or bad ? You peeps dont really care about the reprocuttions of your say on one hand.." LET TRUTH BE TOLD..LET US KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW " .. as Jack Nicolson said "you cant handle the truth !! "

In todays world.. If you put all INFO out for all to see.. your gonna watch the End of the world as we know it..KEEP PUSHING !!! it has been fortold from our forfathers..

In itself..your are all propoganding the end of the said in the BIBLE !!

You tell me...WHAT would you like to see the "Governments or the Highers" do to make this a World that you can accept ? TRUTH ?? erm..I would think that if every man,woman,child knew the Truth and all Knowledge then we be in DEEP DO DO..

But you want Knowledge..what would you do with it ?

You think Knowledge isnt understood by some..and deep understanding...and what we see is a result of that understanding and trying to cope with that ???

Your right..we need to KNOW the TRUTH about everything that everybody thought of..or concieved..( too bad there is some sick peeps out there that would Gladly take that info and turn it into there own agenda )

too bad you guys didnt think about that..

I say Give all this combined knowlage to all...even those that would gladly kill you with it !!

Closing.. Be very aware of what your might midigate something that you think is good for you ..but something VERY terrible ...

TRUTH shall set you free...yes..are you ready to be set free ?

Peace Dreak

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